Beef to the makers of crinkly chip bags. I can’t sneak a midnight snack without waking the whole house up.

Beef to the makers of crinkly chip bags. I can’t sneak a midnight snack without waking the whole house up.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 1

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BOUQUET To the people who lit off fireworks Halloween night, the colours were spectacular. I always enjoy watching fireworks. Some people go to extreme costs and effort to light up the night sky. A bit of a beef to those who said it makes their dog bark, your dog barks every time I walk past your house.

BEEF To the woman with glasses at the coffee shop who treats me with disdain every time I go in. She’s arrogant, rude, difficult and confrontational, yet, she treats all the single men from very young to very old in such a flamboyant, happy, polite way. We’ve seen her treat other woman not very nice as well. It’s so pleasant when she’s not there.

BOUQUET To everyone who has, is and will fight for the freedoms that Canadians enjoy. Vaccine mandates and passports strip away our freedoms and this is not acceptable. Being bullied into accepting a medical intervention to be able to participate within society, to be admitted to various establishments and now to keep a job and pension is a crime against humanity. This is a very sad, dark time in our history, but the stories keep unfolding. Love and truth will prevail.

BEEF To the makers of crinkly chip bags. I can’t sneak a midnight snack without waking the whole house up.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Bulletin and participating photographers for the publication of A Day in the Life of Nanaimo. It was great to see the positive pictures and be reminded that good things still happen in Nanaimo. Unfortunately I lost sight of this side of Nanaimo after frequently experiencing the negative environment, fear and destruction that is created by individuals with addictions and mental illness. Thank you for this publication.

BEEF To Nanaimo school district for not having a Canadian flag outside for the students at Woodlands School.

BOUQUET To the beautiful kind lady at Quality Foods in Harewood who paid for my groceries. You really made my day, and year. You also taught my granddaughter a lesson in humanity. Thanks again so much, you are an amazing wonderful person, we wish you all the best.

BEEF To the person/people in Long Lake area setting off fireworks every single night. Have you no respect for the people around you? People are trying to sleep. Not to mention, these fireworks are scaring the absolute bejesus out of my poor senior dog every night.

BOUQUET To past councillor Bill King who just passed away, and to all his family. I only needed to have a couple conversations with Bill many years ago to quickly learn that he was a can-do guy who pleasantly and efficiently got many things done and helped so many citizens in this city. He got along with so many city bureaucrats with his engaging personality and hence was an effective motivator. Thank you.

BEEF To the 150-200 anti-vaxxers demonstrating at the north-end store. What a waste of scarce RCMP resources. How about jailing the so-called leader or handing the bill incurred for policing to these clowns? And what about the cost to the store for the disruption to their business? Tens of thousands of people in Nanaimo do the right thing and are held hostage and have to pay the bill for a small minority.

BOUQUET To all the firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors and pharmacists who keep working their hearts out in this crazy time. Our family has seen all of them lately, and had nothing but kind and careful care from each and every one of them. Nanaimo is lucky to have so many dedicated health workers in easy reach, and still smiling in most cases. A class act by classy teams of professionals. It ain’t like this in other places, folks. And even in the face of abuse, they just keep on trucking. Wow.

BEEF To the city for spending like Romans for the entertainment of the peasants. Stadiums and such are to defer attention from the pillaging of politicians. Wake up people.

BOUQUET To the company that finally hired me. As young baby boomer who has many work years left I want to be a good citizen and continue contributing to society.

BEEF Parents, put down your phones and play with your children. I was at a pumpkin patch and I saw parents actually getting mad at their kids for getting dirty, and kids yelling for their parents to play with them only to be ignored and told to be quiet. No wonder so many people have anxiety and personality disorders. Don’t have babies if you can’t give them all of your attention until they move out.

BOUQUET To all those drivers who drive the speed limit, don’t tailgate, obey school zone speeds and use signals. I appreciate you. I’ve noticed more road hostility in the past year and it’s aimed at those who follow the rules.

BEEF When will we be rid of the daily COVID headlines? Five cases? 500? Where is the end? Enquiring minds want to know.

BOUQUET To the person who found my daughter’s wallet in Lowe’s parking lot and turned it in to the store. Losing it would have been disastrous, as she was visiting from the U.K. Thank you.

BEEF To the parking services at NRGH that refuse to waive my parking ticket that I received because it was impossible to find a spot and I was running late to work as an RN. I moved my car as soon as I could during my 12-hour shift that day. It’s not my fault there are no parking spots left for staff. No empathy at all from parking services for those of us working on the front line.

BOUQUET My husband and I, both in our eighties, enjoyed a dinner at Milano’s. When we went to pay our bill, we were told that our bill had already been paid by another diner who wished to remain anonymous. I hope whoever you are, that you read this, and know how much joy you gave us. In all the chaos of our world today, it reminded us that there are some very kind and generous people. We want to acknowledge this, with gratitude. You must be an amazing person. God bless.

BEEF Recently I witness some 30-something-year-olds trying to show ID for a car purchase on their phone. Are you kidding me? I am surprised they weren’t laughed out of the place. You may have your vaccine log on your phone but you better have some paper with your driver’s licence for the purchase and licensing.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the COVID vax team in Nanaimo for their understanding and kindness in helping express me through my booster. You are the greatest. Special thanks to my friend for her assistance.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to the London Drugs pharmacy staff at Port Place mall for being so helpful, kind and accommodating when I was in so much pain.

BEEF To the federal government for eviscerating our military. It is officially a international embarrassment. God forbid we should ever have to stand our ground.

BOUQUET To Doug C. Thank you from all of your staff at Medium Rare for keeping us going through these tough times. This restaurant has been here since 1977, and although there have been a number of changes, it still remains an important part of our community. Here is to 44 years of great memories, and many more to come.

BEEF To all those rage drivers out there. When my tow-truck driver son goes out there to help your loved ones from a punctured tire, dead battery, empty gas tank, you should show some respect; that could be you that the tow truck driver is saving. You’re close to killing a service person by hitting him/her on the roadside, horn honking, shooting the finger.

BOUQUET We owe a big debt to those who developed vaccines to prevent measles, mumps, rubella, smallpox, polio, and most recently, COVID-19. Vaccines save lives.

BEEF To people who remove shopping carts from a store’s property and never return them, that is outright theft. Just another reason the stores have to keep increasing their prices to cover the costs.

BOUQUET To the incredible manager and staff and shoppers at Walmart who helped us find our three-year-old autistic daughter when she ran off. The staff secured exits and ultimately found our baby and kept her safe. The other patrons stopped to help. Our family is forever grateful to you all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

BEEF To all the women and girls who tinkle on a toilet seat. I think it is gross, and inconsiderate to the next lady who uses the toilet. I would like to suggest you bring along sanitizer to spray and use toilet paper to wipe the seat before you use it. Please be a lady, and be considerate to the next lady.

BOUQUET To the person with the red umbrella walking on the seawall who recognized that I needed medical attention and called 911. Thank you. I had carbon monoxide poisoning and I’m feeling great and grateful today.

BEEF To Nanaimo parks and recreation for pitting pool user groups against each other, with no consultation or notice to those who use the facilities. Do the people who make these decisions actually use the swimming pools? Maybe if they did they might respect us more.

BOUQUET I took a terrible fall resulting in broken bones outside the north-end Staples. A wonderful lady named Elaine came to my aid. She sat with me on the curb, wrapped her car blanket around me, and her words brought much comfort. Jay and other Staples staff called for assistance. They were professional and reassuring that I was safe. Huge thanks to them. Numerous kind folks stopped to see if they could help. My faith in humanity has been totally restored. We have many awesome people in our city. Thank you.

BEEF To WorkSafe B.C. Construction workers build, maintain and develop housing for all classes of people and have never stopped working. Why do they still have unsanitary outhouses?

BOUQUET Thanks to our amazing donors the R. family for giving our students at Georgia Avenue school the gift of reading. We cannot thank you enough. If you saw the smiles on our students’ faces, you would know just how appreciated you are.

BEEF To the city’s bylaw enforcement office for handing out the parking tickets to hard-working tradesmen for parking on Beach Drive. They have nowhere else to park.

BOUQUET Thanks to the pedestrians who came to our assistance when our car was hit on Norwell Drive. Also a young couple who stopped their car and came over to see if we were OK. The ambulance staff, police, and tow truck drivers were most polite and professional. How do they do it?

BEEF To the photographer who openly admitted that she screens people when they contact her because she doesn’t want unattractive people on her social media. I was told this by many people after my daughter never got a response back. No she is not a size 2 so I guess she didn’t make the cut.

BOUQUET Thank you to the woman driving the blue SUV who pulled over and stopped on Metral Drive to see if I was OK to stand up after the six-month-old chocolate lab I was walking cut in front of me to chase a leaf, causing me to trip and fall. I’m OK with some bruising and soreness.

BEEF To my neighbour with the maple tree. Do the right thing and pick up your leaves that are blowing into my yard as well as down the street into everyone else’s. Where do you think the leaves end up? Someone has to eventually do the work. It’s simple consideration for others and pure laziness on your part.

BOUQUET To Stone Soup kitchen. Out seven days a week nightly, have not missed one night since the start of COVID, feeding more than 125 every night in five different locations. Thanks to all volunteers.

BEEF To the RCMP for not handling the guy who terrorizes Victoria Crescent with the appropriate mental health resources. He menacingly followed a young woman, beat drive-thru windows in the wee hours screaming at the employees inside, and paces down the street screaming he’s going to kill and torture people and all the RCMP do is arrest him and drop him right back downtown a few hours later. Deal with him appropriately before someone gets hurt.

BOUQUET To the person who wrote to raise awareness about the potential development around Cable Bay. Signed by the 18,000-plus individuals who have added their name to the petition asking for the trail to be expanded to a park.

BEEF To my sister who doesn’t support our dad’s marriage. Shame on you.

BOUQUET Thank you so much to Knead Therapy for getting me in on such short notice for my emergency neck issues. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You have amazing staff.

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