Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 15

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BOUQUET A beautiful bouquet of pink roses to all nice HandyDart bus drivers, especially Mrs. Claudette and Mr. Brad.

BEEF To Nanaimo Transit System for not having extra buses for Marine Festival fireworks and the Snowbirds. You keep saying transit is going to get better – when?

BOUQUET To Sand and Bear of Sandy’s Ukrainian Kitchen and Grill It for everything they did to help make the bathtub races such a success. Not only did they donate countless hours of their time organizing volunteers but they also gave the volunteers unlimited pop, food and ice cream during Marine Festival.

BEEF To the bartender at a local private event. All of your inappropriate behaviour was witnessed by many people. The word is out – good luck trying to get another job.

BOUQUET To Coastal Energy for doing a great job putting in my ductless heat pump recently, then sending me a thank-you note for my business. It’s very refreshing for a business to acknowledge me as a human being and not another price tag.

BEEF To the beefer about dumpster divers. Why would it bother you so much for someone to take your empty cans and bottles? They are not at your door begging, they are jumping into disgusting places to make a little cash. They spend their day working to survive, not judging others.

BOUQUET To my loyal and wonderful customers for your care and concern while I was away having knee surgery. I’m finally back and I miss you. Come back and visit – I made my mom’s famous carrot cake for you. Jody.

BEEF To the grocery store which, since extensive renovations, increased the price of everything – one item up $3. Seniors who have shopped there forever now have to go elsewhere. Thank goodness we have lots of choices.

BOUQUET To the kind gentleman who helped an aging executive on Bowen Road Wednesday afternoon after his brand-new Jeep ran out of gas. The gentleman not only directed traffic and filled the Jeep’s gas tank from his own fuel from the gas can in his car, but also refused to accept any payment in return.

BEEF To the thrift shop that wouldn’t let a small child use the bathroom. Sorry there are no exceptions to your rules.

BOUQUET We have now decided to only go to the Cactus Club if we get Lisa. She is amazing and makes the night 100 per cent enjoyable. If you go to the Cactus Club, ask for her. You will be so happy you did. You rock, Lisa.

BEEF To the smokers who continue polluting the air of a non-smoking apartment building. You signed contracts – remember you will get caught.

BOUQUET To the two ladies at Invermere Beach who assisted me in carrying my dog Archie back up to my car when he had an accident swimming. Also a thank you to the staff at Central Island Emergency Vet for the care you provided him. He has recovered and is doing well.

BEEF To the beefer about dumpster divers. Maybe if you left your returnables outside your garbage bin they could be recycled and kept out of the landfill.

BOUQUET To ExtraOrdinary Organics restaurant downtown, for hosting our fundraiser (Organic) Beer and Burger night. For the incredible organic foods, wonderful staff service and care and for your hard work to serve and feed such a crowd – filled to capacity.

BEEF To the thief who cut my filler line and stole $60 of fuel from my truck parked atop Duke Point ferry terminal. Be aware of criminal activity there.

BOUQUET To the very observant and thoughtfull person who found a hub cap for a Mitsubitshi. I know there are many folks out there who are kind and care enough to find this. The car might be a 2002 Gallant, but it’s in perfect condition and I love it.

BEEF To hospital employees who use the Dufferin Crescent on-street parking all day for free so that visitors and patients have to pay for parking in the lot. Hospital employees have their own dedicated parking lot at inexpensive monthly rates.

BOUQUET To KPK Goldsmith in Woodgrove Centre for fixing the eyeglass frames, and because you weren’t sure how long it would hold, you didn’t charge anything.

BEEF To the couponers who steal the whole pad of coupons off of grocery displays that are meant for everybody. Two words: selfish and karma.

BOUQUET To my boyfriend for being such a nice guy, caring about other people and being my ‘cool factor’. When you rode down Island in the pouring rain from my Irish family gathering in Campbell River and pulled up behind me on the highway. My heart sang and the joy I got when I saw your face reminded me of why I love you so much.

BEEF To the driver of an older, dirty dark-blue Toyota SUV driving on the highway. If everyone at the red light had not seen you barrelling down the highway, it could have been catastrophic for us all. Next time you have a death wish I hope a cop is around to get you.

BOUQUET To Graham at Newcastle Nissan for going above and beyond helping me during a malfunction with my car’s keyless entry system. Superb after-sales service.

BEEF To the person driving the dark green sport-utility vehicle. You seem to be one of those people who thinks it’s OK to leave your big dog locked in the back of your SUV on a hot sunny day. If I see this again I will not hesitate to call the cops.

BOUQUET To the lovely gentleman who waited for me at Westwood Lake parking lot so he could personally return my lost car keys. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

BEEF A distasteful beef to city residential planners who build the homes with garages front and centre of the house as if that’s the part to show off. Look at our lovely garage doors and behind, our second-rate house, it seems to say. It saves space, but at the expense of aesthetics.

BOUQUET To our firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, military, care aids, support workers and many more jobs that are to help people in times of need. Your jobs are inspiring and you often do not get enough appreciation for what you do.

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