Beef to the person who keeps defecating in my recycling bin. Shame on you. If this continues

Beef to the person who keeps defecating in my recycling bin. Shame on you. If this continues

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 11

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BOUQUET To all the professionals who contribute – and continue to do so – to creating the computer-generated patient record with Island Health. In a few years (maybe even months) we will be grateful to have taken this risk. It is a long overdue need in achieving the best outcomes for individual health and lifestyle.

BEEF To the lady who commented on the 18-year-old dog that was dropped off at mom’s house by the couple. He is well and taken care of. She was in tears due to the expense of putting him down and being on a low income as she is 76. Was hoping the couple would pick him up and say sorry or offer to pay something when the time comes.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer Southgate for all you do for your community. Especially Jake, who always seems to be involved in some sort of good works. This is why you’re my store.

BEEF To those who think it is OK to drop garbage anywhere. Nanaimo could be a lovely town if not decorated with assorted garbage. Waiting at a bus stop resembles sitting in an overflowing ashtray surrounded by waste.

BOUQUET To the ignorant guy who stood up and disrupted the July 11 Nanaimo council meeting by butting in and yelling point of order from the peanut gallery.

BEEF To the person who keeps defecating in my recycling bin. Shame on you. If this continues, I’m going to call the police. You’ve had your last laugh.

BOUQUET A bouquet to everyone for keeping our streets and highways litter-free.

BEEF To the person who ripped out and stole six gnome and fairy home doors at the gnome and fairy village in Neck Point Park.​ Words can’t describe the disappointment in knowing such people exist. May the gnomes and fairies’ dreadful Karma be placed upon you.

BOUQUET I would like to thank the wonderful, imaginative elf who is making those interesting little houses, doors, owls and other magic things for all of us find and enjoy. That park is my favourite place to walk and look at the scenery. You have just added another dimension to the enjoyment of this walk in the park.

BEEF To the cable company for removing the only 24-hour classical music station on the radio. Not everyone likes hard rock and hip-hop, listening to classical music has a very positive effect on people.

BOUQUET To the amazing person or persons for some how miraculously finding my set of keys I dropped during low tide at Eagle Point Beach. Thank you so much for the lovely note. It really did feel like a treasure hunt.

BEEF To the mobile home park landlord who conned his elderly residents to sign a huge increase in rent to pay for upgrades that will increase the value of the park for its wealthy owners. Elders beware to get advice before signing anything that you don’t understand or feel is unreasonable.

BOUQUET To the husband-wife team at Ladybelle Bridal for making my daughter’s wedding day magical. She chose a wedding gown at another location; after taking four months to deliver, it was the wrong size. Ladybelle came to her aid and had a more beautiful dress that fit delivered in two weeks.

BEEF To the person with a truck who stole our five-foot wooden bench seat in the early hours from our front deck.

BOUQUET To the woman who picks up trash and clears the storm drains on St. George Street.

BEEF To city council for its arrogance and insensitivity to suggest seniors swim in Westwood Lake to save money by closing public pools. Not a practical solution for elderly or anyone else with health, mobility or transportation issues.

BOUQUET To all of the friends and neighbours on and around Alder Way for the beautiful cards of condolences and their presence at the remembrance service for my husband recently; thank you all for your kindness.

BEEF Our municipal government really lets its citizens down. Two new buildings went up on Boundary Crescent. The public road was torn up for piping, then left incomplete.

BOUQUET To Trina at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. She replaced a photo tile for us at no charge. Great quality of products and customer service at this location.

BEEF At the risk of being seen as an old ogre, may I say many of us would prefer to foster children’s imagination in parks without manufacturing gnomes homes. Keep our parks completely natural.

BOUQUET To Mark for being late for work and buying all of us each coffee on many, many days.

BEEF To the beefers about parking at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Police, fire and ambulance personnel get free parking and so should all of our hospital workers. If you are a visitor or family member and cannot afford to pay for parking, then stay home.

BOUQUET To all the residents of the Old City Quarter who maintain such beautiful and vibrant gardens. Going for a walk at lunch and seeing your flowers brings joy and peace to my otherwise often stressful day.

BOUQUET To the l chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom for organizing the lantern ceremony at Swy-a-Lana Lagoon every year.

BOUQUET Thank you to the City of Nanaimo for road pavement from the Lady Rose.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for the greatest fireworks. Best ever. Beautiful.

BOUQUET To people who grow the beautiful orange California poppy – it could eventually become our civic flower.

BOUQUET To all of the health professionals who helped look after my daughter when she broke her leg, especially Donna the paramedic and Carly at the hospital. Thank you and great work.

BOUQUET To Leslie at Steve Marshall Ford for excellent customer service and to the dealership for honouring its vehicle service work.

BOUQUET To all those who filled the yacht club in loving memory of George Gerard and in support of his family and the friends that he has left behind. From the Honour Guard of Fire Fighters, the generous hosts, the touching stories, beautiful slideshow and the hearts that weep his loss.

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