Beefs & Bouquets, April 3

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BEEF To all of you who burn fossil fuels. You should follow the example of my unemployed neighbour, who never drives to businesses to apply for jobs and cuts down on a lot of CO2 emissions that way.

BOUQUET To my dear neighbours, Ben, Briar and their young daughters, Lily and Ava. Thank you for shovelling the mountains of heavy snow and ice from my driveway and sidewalk and for sweeping off my car and ensuring that everything was safe for me. Since my hip surgery and resulting issues, I was frightened about slipping and overwhelmed at how I would get the snow cleared.

BEEF To the mall for allowing the staff at the e-cig kiosk to puff away all day. I realize that e-cigarettes have helped many quit smoking, however it is a terrible example for children and youth.

BOUQUET To Al, the backhoe driver travelling along Jingle Pot Road in February who kindly cleared the snow from the front parking area of our group home. You saved us days of shovelling.

BEEF To the local trucking company that has truck drivers who use their cellphones while operating heavy-duty equipment on city streets, putting the public in danger.

BOUQUET To Patricia and Suzanne at Costco first aid – a huge thank you for your care to our teenage daughter who experienced a dramatic nose bleed during our recent shopping trip. You were so attentive and compassionate to her and although a minor injury, we wanted you to know you were appreciated.

BEEF To the beefer telling the neighbour to close their windows to stop beefer’s smelly and impure drift of backyard smoke from entering the neighbour’s clean house air. Smoke originating from your property is your responsibility.

BOUQUET To Troy on Rock City Road who snowblowed several of his neighbour’s driveways and the sidewalks after the huge amount of snow dumped on Nanaimo recently. Also during this same time, a woman in a blue Honda CR-V stopped to give a ride to a stranger with several bags of groceries, who was wet and struggling to navigate the sidewalks before they were cleared. It’s nice to see there are still giving people out there.

BEEF To the street person who entered the laundromat and took my clean towel from the dryer, proceeded into the washroom with it for 45 minutes where you must have had a ‘bath’ with it. A reluctantly given bouquet to you, however, for not putting the towel back in the dryer.

BOUQUET For all our good neighbours on Beacon Place. Your help and kind concern during our last big snowstorm was so appreciated. Special thanks to Tracy and Syd who always help so many of us seniors.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for allowing the build up of advertising boards on the patch of land at Aulds Road and the Island Highway. It really isn’t pretty and actually a driving hazard for people trying to read them while on the road.

BOUQUET To the gentleman in the crosswalk at Anderton and Comox Avenue around 6:45 p.m. I would like of offer a sincere apology for nearly running you down. Someone following in the car behind me alerted me to this near miss. I truly did not see you and I thank God that you had the quick reflexes to get out of danger. I will approach crosswalks more cautiously in in future.

BEEF To people who leave their dogs out to bark the entire night. A very inconsiderate, irresponsible few.

BOUQUET To all our volunteers, sponsors, friends and family and the Well Pub – a big thank you for making our burger and beverage fundraiser for Team Lisa a huge success.

BEEF To all of those ‘not responsible’ dog owners who invariably allow their dogs to be off leash in on-leash areas, and then when their dog ‘rushes’ face-on in a challenging way toward my dog’s face (a big ‘no no’ in dog language – it is considered rude behaviour), say “Oh, my dog is fine.”

BOUQUET To Departure Bay Vet for all their concern, support, and extra measures shown during our difficult time with Ainsley. Your professionalism and caring demeanour was observed always even though he wasn’t always the most ‘polite’ patient. Although he is sadly missed, the sensitivity and kindness shown will always be in our hearts.

BEEF to the woman with the black dog at May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park encouraging your dog to chase rabbits. Your actions do not reflect responsible pet ownership nor will they make it easier to create additional off-leash areas in our city parks.

BOUQUET To Darlene at the Country Club dollar store. You are a delightful salesperson. Your cheerful disposition makes every customer feel at least a little bit happier. It appears that you are appreciated by many customers. I hope your employer appreciates you like we do.

BEEF To transit for not cleaning bus shelters better. Too much litter under seats, especially by the hospital.

BOUQUET To the gentleman in the truck in front of me at Tim Hortons on Bowen Road and Dufferin Crescent, who paid for my coffee. I honked – hope you heard me.

BEEF To fruit-packing companies. You’d think in the year 2014 we’d be able to engineer fruit stickers that come off of pears without peeling away a hunk of pear skin.

BOUQUET To the young man who came to my rescue on Sunday, the day the men’s hockey team won the gold. Thank you so much for helping me get my car up Departure Bay Road, and then driving me to work. It is so nice to know there still are men like you out there.

BEEF To the hockey coach down one goal with one minute, 17 seconds to go in the third period and a faceoff in the opposing end. He does not pull goalie. Poor coaching.

BOUQUET To Craftsman Collision. After my car key quit working, several auto body shops quoted $200 or more to repair it. Craftsman said to leave it for 20 minutes and they would look at it. When I returned it was fixed and they did not charge me.

BEEF To the person who tried to steal my car on Dufferin Crescent. You hurt not only me but also the people I drive to schools, hospital and doctor’s appointments.

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