Beefs & Bouquets, April 2

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BOUQUET To Joan and her friend at the Moose Hall. They made my mom’s celebration of life a wonderful time.

BEEF To the firewood seller in the red truck who advertises on the Internet to deliver two cords for $350, then brings a severely undersized delivery.

BOUQUET To the kind members of the Nanaimo Altrusa Club. Since September they have delivered nearly 200 dozen home-made muffins for the students of Georgia Avenue Community School. The muffins are filling and delicious and the students love them.

BEEF To all the enduring and dedicated volunteers at the Hospice Shop during the past seven years. The recent change there was long overdue, but is justified and welcomed.

BOUQUET To Peter at Country Club Dairy Queen for helping us with the banana split bar at our daughter’s monkey-themed baby shower. It was a great success.

BEEF To the boat thief who stole my eight-foot dinghy off the shore at Hammond Bay near Shack Island. Now I cannot take my six-year-old grandson out on the water.

BOUQUET To Adri at Adri’s Salon for making me feel so special on my 30th birthday. My hair was so fab.

BEEF To the selfish, thoughtless woman in the front row at David Gogo’s Dinghy Dock show. We were there to hear him sing, not listen to you yak during the whole show.

BOUQUET To Paul, courtesy driver, at Nanaimo Chrysler. He opens the door, hands you your seat belt, and to think I thought chivalry was dead. I don’t receive this service from any other dealership.

BEEF To the woman in Shoppers Drug Mart for refusing my random act of kindness. It must be nice to never need a helping hand from anyone.

BOUQUET To Bart at Panago for your support for our SPCA fundraising. We greatly appreciate it, and the pizza is fantastic.

BEEF To the carvers. Clean up your mess.

BOUQUET To Clayton Willoughby at Nanaimo Acupunture on Franklyn Street. Your knowledge, compassion and kindness has helped me beyond words. The calming and peaceful atmosphere you provide makes my experiences positive ones.

BEEF To the handicapped persons who sit in the car, parked in a handicap space, while their able-bodied driver goes shopping for them.

BOUQUET To the members of the community, parks and rec and the staff at Brechin Lanes for their welcoming smiles and helpfulness when the NEC goes swimming, skating and bowling.

BEEF To the painting company littering lower Lantzville with signs. They are an eyesore, please remove them.

BOUQUET To the person who was kind enough to pick up my favorite Harley hoodie that I dropped in Ladysmith and hang it on the fence for me to get the next day. Whoever you are, you totally rock.

BEEF To the people who leave junk mail at the community mailboxes. You are littering. Take your unwanted mail home and recycle it. Please respect our community.

BOUQUET To Michelle at Iris Optical downtown who went above and beyond in customer service to obtain a new set of frames for my son’s glasses after they were broken at school. The warranty lapsed a few months ago, but she was able to obtain replacement parts free of charge.

BEEF A few skateboarders and foot scooters are very rude and think they can do these activities in malls and on sidewalks in parks. It’s time they play in skateboard parks and let people walk in peace.

BOUQUET To the first aid staff at Wal-Mart who came to my rescue when I had a spell earlier this month. Also to the customer who stopped to help and the first aid attendant who called the following day to see how I was.

BEEF To a local shipping company who never told me there would be a customs charge on a box containing a gift for my brother who lives in the U.S. It was clearly and truthfully marked ‘gift,’ yet customs charged my brother, who is on a limited income, $75 before it could be delivered.

BOUQUET To the wonderful man who was out on Nanaimo Lakes Road cleaning up all of the disgusting garbage just past the fish and game club. Thank you for your kindness on behalf of everyone who walks, bikes, and jogs around there.

BEEF To parents who insist on inflicting their tantrum-throwing children on fellow shoppers and store staff. If they’re pitching a fit, remove them as a courtesy to others.

BOUQUET To Northgate liquor store for exceptional customer service and its warm and friendly staff.

BOUQUET To the waitress – who seemed more like an angel than anything else – at the table of eight.

BOUQUET To Budget Brake and Muffler for the honest analysis of the underbody of my Nissan Maxima.

BOUQUET To the great lady who jumped through hoops of fire and city councillors to get a porta-potty at Long Lake. It is a great relief.

BOUQUET To the volunteers for their enthusiasm and hard work cleaning up Barsby Park and Millstone River. I couldn’t have done it without you.

BOUQUET To Trojan Collision for taking care of myself and my Kia Soul. Job well done and my interior has never been so clean.

BOUQUET To the owners of Damsels who donated a formal dress to me for my daughter’s wedding. What a wonderful gift.

BOUQUET To the beef about white vehicles. I love it – hate them.

BOUQUET To the two friendly ladies in the doctor’s waiting room. Your willingness to share was very much appreciated

BOUQUET You did not cut me off, you were just quicker than I so you did not have to pay for my tea at the drive thru, but it was a very pleasant surprise and very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Bulk Barn and Terminal Save-On-Foods for generous donations and helping make the Grade 7 class fundraiser a success.

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