Beefs and Bouquets Nov. 20

NANAIMO – Beefs and Bouquets published Nov. 20 in the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

BOUQUET It has been a long time since I enjoyed a turkey club sandwich and the one I ate at Frankie’s Modern Diner deserves accolades. I believe a person should always give an eating place a second chance and am so happy that I did and will go back again.

BEEF To the lady at the dog park at Beban. There’s a reason they have a big and small dog park. My dog, who is only nine months old, was attacked by your full-grown mutt. Next time I see you there, your dog better have a muzzle.

BOUQUET To the off-duty police officer who helped my daughter and stayed with her until I arrived when my car broke down on a dark, damp night by Dover Bay Secondary School. Thanks a ton for being there and all your help, that was above and beyond the call of duty.

BOUQUET To Art Groot, manger and facility planner for the City of Nanaimo for going far beyond what the average person would normally do. When my adult disabled client lost her beloved swing in the playground downtown due to vandalism, you sent to Australia to replace it. The City of Nanaimo and the disabled community are so blessed to have people like you looking after it.

BOUQUET To all of the people involved in the decision to repave sections of Highway 19 north of Nanaimo rather than just filling the cracks with tar – it is much more pleasant to drive and ride on and hopefully it will stand up for several years.

BOUQUET To the handsome young man who cleans the aquatic centre gym. It is the cleanest gym I have walked into.

BOUQUET We cannot say enough about ABC north-end resturant. The food is excellent, the service when we go is always first class thanks to two of the great gals who go beyond to make us feel so special every single time and do some pretty special things for our table.

BOUQUET To Craig at The Transfer Studio in Country Club Centre. Craig saw how important the video cassettes of my children were to me and I was so grateful to him for carefully transferring our precious memories onto DVD disks.

BOUQUET To Katey and Matt, Philip and Johnathan and his crew. Through thick and thin during the difficult building process and the ugly timing of the weather, you always had our backs to make sure it was done with care and understanding toward us. Thank you for your patience.

BOUQUET To my husband for putting up with me this long.

BOUQUET To the Bulk Barn for selling carbolic soap – an anti-germ soap.

BOUQUET To the organizers and volunteers of the recent Diwalhi celebration event. The food and dancing were delightful.

BOUQUET To the off-duty firefighter who helped a collapsed woman at Nanaimo North Town Centre. The shoppers who also helped appreciated your professional, skilled intervention and care.

BOUQUET To all the people who put on Bite of Nanaimo. It was fun, amazing and exciting. Thank you to the chefs, bakers, brewers, patrons and volunteers.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for the amzaing quality of the Remembrance Day feature. The layout was excellent, the stories were well written and overall an amazing job.

BOUQUET To Debbie. I’m so happy you are dropping off my bundles of papers. I couldn’t have gotten a better Christmas present.

BOUQUET To Jerry Hong and his staff at the Queen’s, particularly Jackie, for hosting a very successful Oktoberfest fundraiser for Nanaimo Community Kitchens.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo drivers. You are as good as I have ever seen, despite your critics.

BOUQUET To the tall handsome man with a group of children walking along Stewart Avenue near Cypress. You spotted my car keys and very creatively kept them safe. Thanks for your honesty and integrity.

BOUQUET To Betty at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257 for her many hours making soup for Remembrance Day. She always works hard and rarely stays around long enough after an event to be thanked. Your efforts are much appreciated.

BOUQUET To all the members of Lantzville’s Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 257, who worked so hard to make our first Remembrance Day ceremony at our new cenotaph such a success. Such a wonderful tribute to our veterans and to those who continue to serve and protect us.

BOUQUET To the nurses of the maternity ward at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. You’ve helped us deliver three beautiful girls into the world in the last four years. In all of our experiences you’ve been professional, warm, kind, and unwavering with your care.

BOUQUET To Highview Optical on Terminal Avenue for replacing the pads on my glasses free of charge. Guess who I’m recommending to all my friends?

BOUQUET To Pirate Chips downtown. Finally a restaurant that understands celiac and has a dedicated deep fryer. Not only are you celiac compliant but your fries are the best in the city and your restaurant is child friendly and fun.

BOUQUET Her name is Joy – should be Angel. A man fell in a coffee house on Sunday and she took over immediately in a calm serene, compassionate manner.  I feel so honored just to have met you.

BOUQUET To all the beefers about picking up after Fido. I thought it was only in my neighbourhood. If you think you have the right to own a pet, remember with rights comes responsibilities.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo RCMP. I am a young man trying to find my way and treated the police like the enemy and spoke to them with uncontrolled disrespect. I sincerly apologize for my behavior. I would like to become a responsible and respectable member of this community and have a positive relationship with the RCMP.

BOUQUET To the family who donated $150 to four classrooms for supplies. The recognition of how much elementary teachers spend of their own money on class supplies is very touching and greatly appreciated.