Beefs and Bouquets for August 27

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BOUQUET To my former manager Donna. I miss working with you every morning. Thanks for everything you’ve helped me with in my new career.

BEEF To the mean-spirited vandal ​who smashed the gnome door in Neck Point Park. The gnomes had it removed to be refurbished. A forest camera will be installed and the next time this happens the gnomes will send out a tribe of trolls to deal with the vandal.

BOUQUET To Ahmed A Omar from Nanaimo Denture Clinic for putting a smile back on my face where others have failed. Your hard work and skills have paid off.

BEEF To city and bus transit for not keeping all shelters clean. Too much litter and often garbage cans are left full for days.

BOUQUET To Reg, from Wal-Mart, who found my seahorse earring. Trish’s earlobe thanks you. You made my day.

BEEF To the air carrier for allowing your inconsiderate pilots to buzz homes. Just because you are late for shift change does not give you the right to make us suffer on the ground. Go fly somewhere else.

BOUQUET To Wendy at ICBC. She is not only calm and knowledgeable, but she really listens, hears and understands the concerns of her customers.

BEEF To the secretarial staff at the clinic for your horrible phone skills. Way to make a single mom feel bad for having to work. I don’t feel comfortable bringing my son there.

BOUQUET To the staff at Speedy Glass on Nicol Street. Troy repaired the chip in my windshield and glued back the rubber around the window for no cost.

BEEF To all the smokers in our city parks. It’s against the law and it’s disgusting. If you want to kill yourselves go ahead, but don’t make other people suffer.

BOUQUET To Aaron Pritchett for putting on an awesome show at the VIEX and being so nice to the disabled girl in the front way. It was great to see.

BEEF To the thief who broke into a house on Kenwill Drive and took a lockbox.  The contents, of no value to you, are the memoirs of a deceased husband and father. Please return to the RCMP.

BOUQUET To the lady who treated our group of eight who were having our monthly lunch at the Windward Pub. The lady said she was so happy to see our lot enjoying ourselves. Now we are all overjoyed.

BEEF To my sister’s inconsiderate neighbour. Every day and evening she has to listen to music so loud walls shake and she can’t even hear the TV. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was decent music.

BOUQUET To Judy, Carolyn and family for hosting a lovely luncheon for me and my friends for my 90th birthday.

BEEF To whomever redesigned the crosswalks to use ‘bump outs’ to shorten the distance between sidewalks. To get a wheelchair-bound client from the back of a van onto the sidewalk one has to now roll them out into the traffic.

BOUQUET To Joanne and staff at Benson View Veterinary Clinic. You know as soon as you go in you will get the best care.

BEEF To the person in the white jeep who nearly struck a woman and her child in the crosswalk. Pay attention.

BOUQUET To Laura at Bellamy Orthodontic Clinic for going above and beyond to help me with a dental emergency before my holiday.

BEEF To the beefer about having coffee poured on your windshield because you parked your car crooked. Learn how to park properly so that good coffee won’t go to waste.

BOUQUET To Dean and Const. James Kay who helped me to push my scooter up Fourth Street and Park Avenue when it decided to stop working. They were so helpful and I appreciate their time.

BEEF To the golf course that uses so much water the greens and fairways are soggy. A waste of water and ruining what used to be a good little course.

BOUQUET To Kiwanis Lodge second floor staff for the care they provided to Walter Wakelem. RN: Monica and Kim; LPN:  Celeste, Chris, Marie-sue, Kara, Erin; Care aides: Leslie, Kelly, JoJo, Daniel, Devon, Sat, Chris.

BEEF To the horrible mess on the ground at Wellington Secondary School – looks like an earthquake zone.

BOUQUET To Jordan at Nanaimo Honda and Michelle at Nanaimo National Car Rental. Honda’s handling of the air bag recalls is outstanding.

BEEF To management at the seniors’ home and the health authority who say they cannot help residents get to recreational activities thereby sequestering lonely seniors in their rooms until meal times.

BOUQUET To the ladies painting the benches in and around Davey Park and to all who cut grass and maintain it.

BEEF To the plumbing company that charged almost $150 for a quote to install a new hot water heater. You didn’t get the job because your quote was $700 more than your competitor.

BOUQUET To Jennie at West Coast Helicopters, the staff at the Crow and Gate, and all the wonderful people who showed up to help me celebrate my 80th birthday.

BEEF To the woman who made a three-hour disturbance over a simple disagreement. I was sitting in the yard with my family and heard everything.

BOUQUET To the family who not only found, but delivered my wallet to me. It is such an amazing feeling to know there are still good people in the world.

BEEF To people who leave door hangers on homes. It becomes a clear sign there is nobody home and an invitation to thieves. Have some respect for other people’s property and stop this risky practice.

BOUQUET To Dr.  Dodo. He cared for my grandfather, Walter Wakelem. His bedside manner was incredibly loving and caring. Our family cannot thank you enough.

BEEF To my neighbours who harass my tenant on where he parks. There are no ‘no parking’ signs in our cul de sac. He pays to live in our neighbourhood just like the rest of us.