All concerns must be considered

Re: Healthy farming solution takes time, Opinion, April 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Healthy farming solution takes time, Opinion, April 2.

I am concerned that the article implies that urban agriculture advocates in Lantzville want “council to slam a bylaw through” apparently without thought or consideration of the effects on other residents.

I am a member of the newly-formed group Friends of Urban Agriculture – Lantzville. Six of our members spoke at the March 21 public hearing referred to and I did not hear them or other speakers say that.

What was said is that our council was requested verbally and in a written statement on Nov. 22 to start the process of reviewing and updating our zoning bylaw. The request stated that concerns of neighbours must be considered and I am sure council will do so.

Now four months after the original request, Lantzville council has agreed to start work on the bylaw. I am very pleased with their decision and expect public input will be heard.

One of the speakers at the hearing said the majority of those heard did not live in Lantzville. A friend who counted, reported that 21 were Lantzvillagers out of the 36 who spoke.

Albert Stewart