Activists’ priorities just right

Re: Animal activists must re-examine priorities, Letters, Aug. 20.

To the Editor,

Re: Animal activists must re-examine priorities, Letters, Aug. 20.

If Ruth Bard informed herself of just a few of the countless missions animal activists and the Sea Shepard are involved with, she might have an appreciation for the dedicated commitment of so few.

A commitment to not only protect dolphins, their mission is about the protection of our oceans which are being destroyed by human greed.  Ever heard of shark finning?  The list goes on. We depend on the health of our oceans for survival.

These activists put their efforts, personal savings, job security and (many times) their personal safety at risk to support their principles.

They are not paid for their dedication. They act  on their principles. How contrary this commitment is compared to pious individuals, whose actions are limited to negative, uninformed letters to the editor.

The desire to better our world is addressed on many fronts of which humane treatment and preservation of animals is but one.

Other important fronts such as stopping child slavery, encouraging tolerance, educating the illiterate and providing aid to desperately needed areas, such as the Horn of Africa, are also in need of committed volunteers and resources. However, we can only serve one master at a time.

Bard’s suggestion that the environmentalists do not care for the welfare of their fellow man is unfounded. Perhaps this untrue presumption, may motivate the writer to board the next flight to the Horn of Africa (on her own dime and at considerable personal risk) and put action to her hollow words. Now, who really needs to “re-examine priorities”?

Shirley Lee