Action hindered by lack of money

Marijuana Party bulldozed by changes to the election laws in 2004.

To the Editor,

Re: Legalization a federal matter, Letters, Feb. 21.

Jim Corder asked: “… where is the Marijuana Party in all of this? Given the current zeitgeist they could be shedding their reputation as a fringe party and garnering a lot of votes.”

The Marijuana Party was burned to the ground and then bulldozed by changes to the election laws that took effect in 2004. Marijuana and the Marijuana Party are in similar social situations, being attacked and wiped out while the only possible practical resistance is to retreat and attempt to still survive somehow.

For several years, the Conservative Party has had more money than all other parties combined, and 10,000 times more money than the Marijuana Party.

Blair T. Longley

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