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Many rural properties in the RDN have a septic system to treat household wastewater.

A basic septic system can have:

• A septic tank separates the liquid from the solids and the oils. An optional effluent filter at the tank outlet can keep solids out of the drainfield.

• A distribution box, when present, sends effluent evenly to the drainfield.

• A drainfield is a series of underground perforated pipes that work with the soil filter.

• The soil filter is home to helpful bacteria that treat the effluent.

Risers, when present, provide surface access to buried components.

With regular maintenance, many septic systems last 25 to 30 years. Learn tips to prolong the life of your septic system at

In 2024, the RDN has four rebates to help RDN homeowners maintain their septic systems:

• Up to $100 to install an effluent filter*

• Up to $200 to install or replace a distribution box*

• Up to $400 to install risers*


• $700 towards the repair or replacement of an aging system*

*Visit for forms and a complete list of eligibility and requirements.