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Woman in Nanaimo knocked over by falling tree

Tree brought down communication lines and several utility poles, but woman unhurt

A woman had a close encounter with a falling tree and downed communication wires in Nanaimo on Thursday, Jan. 6.

Nanaimo Fire Rescue was called to Vancouver Avenue shortly before 10 a.m. after a tree fell, bringing down several utility poles and communication lines between Cypress and St. George streets.

Upon arrival, firefighters saw a woman lying among the lines, where she had been knocked to the ground when the tree fell.

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“A tree came down and knocked down three poles. There was a few other poles affected. It was a pretty good size tree,” said Stu Kenning, Nanaimo Fire Rescue assistant chief of operations. “A passerby was nearly hit by the tree. They may have been knocked down by the tree when it fell, but they weren’t hurt.”

Firefighters blocked the section of road to traffic and told the woman not to move until it was determined that no power lines were involved and no danger of electric shock, Kenning said. Firefighters also called for a B.C. Ambulance crew to check over the patient, but she refused medical attention.

B.C. Hydro was called to ensure there was no damage to any power lines. None were affected and no one’s power was interrupted, Kenning said.

“After that we called Telus and Telus came and took over the scene,” Kenning said. “No one’s power was affected and Telus was [left] on scene with traffic control.”
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