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Wartime letters posted again in Nanaimo as a reminder to remember

Five letters sent to Nanaimo addresses as part of Letters Home project
Detail from one of the wartime letters re-posted to Nanaimo as part of the Letters Home project. (Letters Home/Canadian Letters and Images Project photo)

Wartime letters are being delivered once again in Nanaimo and across the country.

Letters Home, a project undertaken by HomeEquity Bank, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Legion National Foundation and the Canadian Letters and Images Project, is intended to remind Canadians of wartime sacrifices.

“As we become further removed from the atrocities of the World Wars, young Canadians struggle to identify with veterans and have trouble marking Remembrance Day,” noted a press release from HomeEquity Bank.

Letters are being sent to their original destinations across Canada, with five being delivered to homes in Nanaimo. Three of the five letters being delivered in Nanaimo are anonymous, but one, sent by Mrs. and Mr. D.W. Phillips in September 1918 to a home on Pine Street, offers deepest sympathies to a woman whose brother was killed in the First World War.

“You have the consolation that he died the death of a hero fighting for his country, and I think there must be a crown in glory, awaiting all our brave men that lay down their lives, in this dreadful and cruel war,” the letter noted.

The letters can be viewed at

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