Recycling award nets Regional District of Nanaimo $5,000

NANAIMO – The regional district earmarks prize money for further recycling projects.

ict of Nanaimo has been awarded $5,000 in recognition of its recycling efforts.

The regional district received an ElectroRecycle Civic Award from the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association, which recognized the regional districts with the highest electrical item collection rate in the province.

According to a press release, Nanaimo residents collected more than two kilograms of electrical products in 2012 – including toasters, blenders irons, sewing machines and even electrical toothbrushes – and award winners received money to further build awareness of recycling initiatives.

Regional District of Nanaimo board chairman Joe Stanhope said the district and residents worked hard at recycling efforts and not only on electronics. “Our diversion [from] the landfill is over 70 per cent, which is the highest in North America,” Stanhope said. “That means our landfill’s going to last a lot longer, it’s going to save dollars and all the rest of it. It’s the recycling, it’s the organics collection that everybody works towards. It’s not just the regional district, it’s all of us – it’s the residents that [won].”

Stanhope said the $5,000 will be used to further the cause.

“It will be used to increase what we’re doing because it’s a very positive thing,” he said.

Kootenay Boundary, Central Okanagan, North Okanagan and Capital Regional District also received awards.