Propane powers fearful response from driver

NANAIMO – Firefighters deal with propane cylinder venting in vehicle.

The driver of a car on Arbot Road got a scare when a propane cylinder she left in her car started venting gas Saturday.

The woman, who had forgotten to take the cylinder out of her car after having it filled, called the fire department when she discovered the propane cylinder venting inside the vehicle.

Firefighters arrived to find the cylinder still venting, removed it from the car and released a small amount of propane from the cylinder until the venting stopped.

“The crews figured (the cylinder) was overfilled, but it was a pretty hot day too,” said Ennis Mond, Naniamo Fire Rescue fire prevention officer. “So with the sun, the heat and being overfilled, it would definitely cause that.”

Mond said transporting propane cylinders inside enclosed vehicles is dangerous and should never be done.