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PODCAST: BOSS, Building Offsite Sustainable Systems

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with Chris Hill about the Building Offsite Sustainable System (BOSS) an open-source factory-built wall system designed to build higher Energy Step Code level homes, including passive homes.

Developed by BCollective, the concept is simple; by creating BOSS as an open-source system, knowledge will transfer quicker to help advance the learning curve to lower building costs, improve building efficiencies, and increase quality of output. Faced with a housing crisis, rising building costs, labour shortages, and the need to reduce the footprint of how we build our homes.

‘There’s nothing proprietary about it and that’s intentional so that you can have it built by others’, says Chris Hill as he shares his thoughts on building trends and the BOSS system.

‘We’re using the word climate crisis. We each have to account for our own balance. There’s no reason why we should be restricting how we’re living, so then we’re going to have to look to ways to reduce. And that’s what you’re getting with BOSS - carbon reduction, thicker walls. BOSS dramatically reduces the ongoing operating energy that you put input into your house. It’s a really, an exercise on reduction.’ Chris Hill, BCollective.

Podcast partners: FortisBC, Vicostone Canada, Trail Appliances, Rami Films, jPod productions, and AI Technology & Design.

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