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Nanaimo Search and Rescue retrieves injured hiker

NANAIMO – Search and rescue team helps injured woman off Mount Benson.
A Nanaimo Search and Rescue team brought an injured hiker down from Mount Benson this afternoon (May 13).

Nanaimo Search and Rescue made the trip down from Mount Benson a little more comfortable for an injured woman.

A team of about 15 rescue technicians responded at about 1 p.m. after getting a call for help with a woman who had seriously injured her ankle near the top of the mountain. The victim in her mid 30s was hiking up the mountain from Witchcraft Lake when the injury occurred.

"She was almost halfway up, about 400 metres down from ML47. It's a logging road that runs across the front of Mount Benson," said Kevin McNeill, past president of Nanaimo Search and Rescue Society. "They just hiked right up the trail. There was a bunch of people with her."

The society fielded about 18 members, which included search coordinators. Two search teams hiked down from the top of the mountain up from Witchcraft Lake until they made contact with the woman and her party.

McNeill said the team brought the victim down to the logging road from where their trucks transported her to an ambulance. She was taken to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital shortly before 5 p.m.

Chris Bush

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