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Nanaimo residents can recycle a few more things in their blue bins

Plastic cups, plastic cutlery, aluminum foil, other items added to list of recyclables
Thanks to new provincial regulations, more recyclables can go into the City of Nanaimo’s blue bins. (News Bulletin file photo)

The City of Nanaimo is allowing a few more items to go into blue bins to align with new Recycle B.C. programs.

Plastic cups, plastic cutlery, “non-durable” plastic food containers and tin foil are the most noteworthy additions to the list.

Corrugated cardboard, which was previously meant to be taken to recycling depots, can now go in blue bins as well; the city asks that the cardboard be broken down into pieces no larger than 60 centimetres by 60 centimetres.

The items that have been newly added to the City of Nanaimo’s accepted blue-cart recycling list include: plastic plates, bowls and cups; plastic cutlery, straws, stir-sticks, and sample sticks; non-durable plastic food containers; rigid plastic gift bags or boxes; plastic plant pots and saucers; empty plastic tape dispensers; empty plastic dental floss containers; plastic clothing hangers; compressed paper clothing hangers; coated paper plates, bowls and cups; single-use paper party décor; paper bags, gift bags, boxes; corrugated cardboard; aluminum foil; aluminum-foil baking dishes and pie plates; and thin-gauge metal storage tins.

The city also noted that the new provincial recycling regulations mean that additional items can be recycled at depots.

“Depots are now able to accept crinkly and stretchy plastics in one stream so residents will no longer need to separate them in order to take them to the depot. They do not go into your blue cart,” the release noted.

Items that will now be accepted at depots include: single-use foam party decor; plastic vacuum, sandwich, and freezer bags; plastic shrink wrap; soft plastic gift bags or boxes; flexible plastic drop sheets; flexible plastic bubble wrap (no bubble wrap-lined paper); flexible blue, yellow or clear plastic recycling bags; and flexible plastic carry-out shopping bags (reusable, plastic only no PVC or vinyl).

“The addition of new items by Recycle B.C. allows progress towards our desired outcome of zero waste throughout the full life cycle of production, consumption, recycling, and disposal to achieve local and regional waste management goals,” said Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog in the release.

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