Nanaimo Pensioners organization celebrates diamond anniversary

NANAIMO - The local branch of the B.C. Old Age Pensioners is celebrating 75 years.

The Nanaimo branch of the B.C. Old Age Pensioners is set to turn 75.

Treasurer Susan Jarvis says while the provincial organization is political and fights for the rights of seniors, the local branch (the oldest in British Columbia), which has a hall on Labieux Road, provides social activities for members.

“It’s a real feel-good place. Our members are just really happy people and it’s just a really happy place to be,” Jarvis said. “We have soups and sandwiches once a month for our members and then we have a potluck at the end of the month for members and then we play cards and pool on Thursday nights and we’re having a Thanksgiving Dinner coming up. All the special holidays, we have special dinners and special functions for all of them.”

The membership fee is $20 a year and Jarvis says most of the functions are affordable. The Nanaimo branch will also commemorate its 75th anniversary on Saturday (Sept. 14) at the Labieux Road hall.

“We’re having a big diamond (anniversary) dinner; a $500 gift certificate to Kellers Jewellers is the grand prize and lots and lots of prizes that night, thanks to many donations coming from the community,” Jarvis said. “We’re pretty excited about that.”

Anyone wanting to join can call the hall at 250-585-5748 and Jarvis says anyone over 19 years of age can join, although the age range of the Nanaimo branch is 50 to 90 years.

“They all get along pretty well,” Jarvis says.