Nanaimo mayoral candidate: Brunie Brunie

City of Nanaimo: Brunie, Brunie – mayor candidate

  • Oct. 21, 2014 6:00 p.m.
Nanaimo mayoral candidate: Brunie Brunie

Name: Brunie Brunie

Age: 72

Occupation/background: Studies in sociology, merchandising starting at an early age in my parents’ grocery; co-owner of Fraulein House of Fashion, fashion design; many years as realtor in Vancouver, Victoria, Parksville and Lasqueti; poet, songwriter, playwright.

Why are you running for public office?

Nanaimo is my ancestral native land. My great grandmother was First Nations from Nanaimo. I consider myself to be an elder in this village and am committed to implementing the principles of true democracy, where people are able to have a real vote on issues.

What three priorities are important to you and how do you plan to tackle these issues, if elected?

I will kick start a new era of real green sustainability. Growing local organic food big time with high-tech solar greenhouses in every neighbourhood. Better food cheaper. Health and wealth creating many worthwhile jobs. Providing food security. (This Island has only three days’ food supply)

Affordable home ownership projects. Our children and grandchildren deserve a piece of the pie. It is the inherent right of every citizen to have a home, be it ever so humble. Co-operatives, smaller homes (without double carports). Eliminating big in the pocket development profits. We do not need to clear cut in order to develop. No more money  in lieu of subdivision green spaces.

Keeping the waterfront for the public always and forever. No privatization. Amen.

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending?

Fair taxes and superior services is my objective. Absolutely no tax benefits for large multi-nationals to facilitate development. I am vehemently opposed to giving your tax dollars to the Hilton Hotel which has been granted the right by the present city council to demolish one of Nanaimo’s oldest heritage buildings, confiscate a pedestrian walkway that has been legally covenanted on the land connecting the old city quarter to the waterfront and privatizing parkland down to the waterfront, dispossessing native carvers in the process. (A wondrous tourist attraction.) As mayor of Nanaimo, I will not allow this to happen. We can be the greatest city on the planet – clean, green and happy.

What do you think it takes to lead Nanaimo? Describe your leadership style.

I will meet with all organizations and unite the city. I will host a minimum of three public forums per year encouraging citizens to debate on issues that are of importance to the community. There are no problems that cannot be solved, all the answers lie with you. Open door policy – no secret deals in council. I will facilitate. You will make it happen.