Nanaimo mayor promises support for city manager in public statement

NANAIMO – Mayor Bill McKay made a statement at an open meeting Monday in the wake of a call for his resignation by seven city councillors.

Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay promised to support the new chief administrative officer and said he looks forward to the entire council “finding the wisdom to forgive” and move forward during a public address Monday.

McKay made a statement at an open meeting, saying he felt it necessary to address concerns in the community with respect to council. Last week, seven of eight city councillors called for his resignation and released a statement with allegations poor meeting attendance by the mayor and claims he made repeated attempts to remove the CAO Tracy Samra.

He talked about the importance of working together and said as always he’s accountable for his actions “before, during and after these difficult times we’ve come through” and he values the work of all  the councillors.

Every member of council was elected by the people of Nanaimo and “I certainly intend to honor the voices of the electorate,” he said.

He also congratulated Samra on becoming the permanent chief administrative officer and said he will support her in her new role.

McKay did not directly speak to the allegations made in a statement by seven councillors last week.

“We have infrastructure projects that need our attention, economic development opportunities we want to grow, finances to manage … it’s important that we do this work together on behalf of the City of Nanaimo,” he said. “I look forward to the entire council, advised by our chief administrative officer Mrs. Tracy Samra, digging deep, finding the wisdom to forgive, heal, and move forward in a cooperative, democratic and collaborative manner for the balance of this term.”