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Nanaimo gamer trying to set record with 138-hour video game marathon

Kory Breaden will attempt to play Call of Duty battle royale mode for six days straight

A Nanaimo gamer will play a marathon session of Call of Duty in his pursuit to smash numerous Guinness world records in video gaming.

Beginning Aug. 15, Kory Breaden will be playing Call of Duty Warzone battle royale on his PlayStation 5. He will be competing against 149 other gamers in last-player-standing tournaments.

“I’ve applied for longest time playing a battle royale … the record sits at 38 hours, my goal is to stretch that to 138 hours, which then gives me the record for the longest time playing a video game, the longest time playing a Call of Duty game and the battle royale,” said Breaden. “So then I end up walking away with anywhere from three to four records in the end.”

Breaden will test his mettle while chasing the record, but doesn’t have to play for six straight days without stopping. Guinness allows 10 minutes of break time between every hour of game-playing and that time can be ‘banked.’

“Due to the time in between matches, while it’s loading up your game and things like that, I can eat, quickly run to the washroom, all those kinds of things,” said Breaden. “With those 10 minutes, it’s basically me doing 24-hour stints and then sleeping for four hours … I’m going to be doing 36 hours the first stint and give or take, I’m going to sleep for four to five hours and then go to the next stint of 24 hours and sleep for four [and so on].”

Breaden is being sponsored by the Duel Screens podcast, and his pursuit will be streamed on the podcasters’ Twitch channel from Aug. 15-21, and maybe beyond, he said.

As the effort will be broadcast over the internet, people will be watching to make sure Breaden stays awake.

Breaden said he conceived the idea during the pandemic.

“It was just more or less because of COVID,” said Breaden, a cook at Wexford Creek care residence. “I was sitting at home for a long time and I’ve been wanting to do this for, as my wife likes to say, for as long as I’ve known her … nine years. I’ve always talked about doing this record and so finally with COVID and everything, having that spare time, I really just put my head to the grindstone.”

In an e-mail, Guinness World Records confirmed it has received an application for the Guinness World Records title and attempt for the longest video game marathon in that game genre. Its standard application review process can take up to 12-15 weeks and once received and reviewed, Guinness’ records management team will confirm success or failure of the record attempt.

Breaden’s record pursuit can be viewed at

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Nanaimo gamer Kory Breaden has his sights set on setting a number of Guinness world records for playing video games. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

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