Nanaimo council candidate: Jim Taylor

City of Nanaimo: Taylor, Jim – city council candidate

  • Oct. 26, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Nanaimo council candidate: Jim Taylor

Name: Jim Taylor

Age: 65

Occupation/background: Semi-retired/self employed.

Why are you running for public office?

I believe I can make a real difference on how decisions are being made. I know how to ask questions needed to make informed decisions. As a councillor I will bring that skill to the chamber ensuring we have all the relevant information needed before making decisions.

What three priorities are important to you and how do you plan to tackle these issues, if elected?

Governance – Council must set policy and insist staff execute.

Budget – City property taxes must be what the community can afford.

Participatory democracy – Nanaimo citizens must become a part of all major decisions made by city council.

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending?

Freeze on taxes – set a spending limit at city hall and make sure staff stick to it.

Core review – our basic services such as water, sewer, roads, sanitation and safety must be fully funded and protected before we entertain funding of special interest concerns.

Stop the waste – currently our basic infrastructure is not being fully funded and we are spending money on $16-million staff offices and other wastes. This has to stop.

The conference centre is costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year and not fulfilling its purpose. It should be sold and the debt retired, putting surplus funds into the bank. This should offset tax increases for the immediate future.

The hotel tax exemption should be rescinded; it is another tax giveaway that is not meeting its intended purpose.

Management compensation packages must be reviewed as $40,000 salary increases given current economics are hard to justify.

What do you think it takes to lead Nanaimo? Describe your leadership or co-working style.

I want to make sure mayor and council have all of the information they need to make good decisions. My role would be to ask the questions of staff that need to be asked. I welcome the challenge and I will strive to make a real contribution, to the process of decision making in this city.