Nanaimo council candidate: Jim Kipp

City of Nanaimo: Kipp, Jim – city council candidate

  • Oct. 25, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Name: Jim Kipp,

Age: Born in Nanaimo in 1951


Self-employed, Kipp Design, Kipp Enterprises and J. Kipp and Associates, 1978 to present; designer and consultant, custom residential design, land use planning, spatial layout, seismic construction considerations, mapping and artwork designs; emergency management and co-ordination, design, development and the provision of emergency co-ordination and disaster management and operations services; education and training, designing, marketing, facilitation, implementing educational programs; planning, co-ordination and management, assist in the development and delivery of special events, conferences and capital projects; recreation and eco-adventure, design, planning and implementing outdoors and wilderness activities, educational and eco adventures programs for adults, children and at-risk youth.

Why are you running for public office?

I feel a responsibility to get involved and have a family that takes pride in community service. With wonderful role models growing up in this great community, my commitment to volunteering and advocacy started in my 20s. Having served in political office, as city councillor and regional director, I refer to myself as a community activist and enjoy public service.

What three priorities are important to you and how do you plan to tackle them if elected?

Environment – policies supporting protection of natural and human environments, green initiatives and development of life-cycle planning.

Economy – policies supporting fiscally responsible spending, debt control and the development of strong and dynamic local economy.

Equity – social dignity based policy and response to issues of, addiction, crime, homelessness, mental illness and societal issues. Working to create a greater sense of pride in our community.

How to you plan to manage taxes and spending?

Using these topics of triple bottom line accounting and strategic planning as guiding principals to assist my decision making. This includes gathering and distributing information to develop policy based on public and stakeholder vision and input.

Conducting a taxpayer service review to identify the core foundational, mandatory and discretionary services that the city corporation supplies to the citizens. From that service review determine the priorities and through council policy manage taxes and spending. Further, form a managerial organizational structural advisory committee to review the management structure of the corporation.

What do you think it takes to lead Nanaimo? Describe your leadership or co-working style.

Knowledge of all city and regional services; integrity to make informed, smart and hard decisions; planning your work and working your plan; preparedness and ability to perform under tough and trying times.

Commitment and dedication to help Nanaimo achieve its great potential. Make informed decisions that include consultation and work to see our whole community continue to revitalize and become vibrant. Work to rebuild public confidence, work with council to understand the public’s needs. Establish policies for our changing economy and a positive view our community’s quality of life,

I know that the single big payoff never comes, but slow piecemeal growth towards the larger community visions of a strong economy, community equity and clean natural and safe human environment is what I see as our single biggest opportunity.

I offer the following as my role as an elected official: set corporate direction, provide leadership; determine priorities of the community; establish and approve policies; choose the administrative leader and perform appraisals; allocate necessary resources; pass appropriate bylaws; communicate with the public; correct deficiencies in the system; stay informed, keep up-to-date; choose between alternate proposals, reconcile conflict.