Nanaimo care home limits visitation in wake of scabies outbreak

NANAIMO – Woodgrove Manor has been put on Island Health's active outbreak list as it grapples with a scabies outbreak.

A Nanaimo nursing home is closed to new residents and has limited visitors as it grapples with a scabies outbreak.

Woodgrove Manor is on Island Health’s active outbreak list, as residents and staff undergo treatment for scabies, a mite that burrows under the skin and causes an itchy rash.

The mite isn’t uncommon and spreads by direct contact, but it’s unusual to get a number of people inside a long-term care setting diagnosed at the same time, according to Dr. Paul Hasselback, a medical health officer for Island Health, who says the facility has responded in an appropriate and professional fashion. The number of residents who have the mite has not been confirmed, although from what Hasselback understands 30 to 40 per cent may have evidence of a rash consistent with scabies.

The facility landed on the active outbreak list April 14, and scabies has since been confirmed by a dermatologist and lab test. The facility has been closed to new residents and has informed families about outbreak precautions. It’s also giving treatment to all staff and residents.

Once treatment and infection control measures are completed it will be re-opened.