Nanaimo begins to lay groundwork for core services review

NANAIMO – City hires Dr. Roshan Danesh to help core services review committee create terms of reference.

The City of Nanaimo is set to move ahead with the first step for a core services review, the mayor announced Monday.

Mayor Bill McKay announced in an open meeting Monday that the city has chosen Victoria-based Dr. Roshan Danesh to help city council flesh out terms of reference for its new core review.

The one-day session with Danesh on April 15 – a $3,500 cost – is aimed at helping the core services review committee create a scope of work that will be used to draft a request for proposal. An outside consultant will be hired to do the actual review, a press release states.

Danesh is a lawyer, educator and ‘conflict resolution innovator.’ McKay is chairman of the core services review committee, which is made up of council.