Marathons support disease research

NANAIMO – Embrace the Race supports MS society, lupus society.

With her father diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her friend with lupus, Jacquelyn Janzen is taking it to the streets.

The Black Creek native is in the process of running 12 marathons in 17 days, stopping in Nanaimo last Tuesday. It was her ninth marathon of her Embrace the Race tour to raise money for both the B.C. Lupus Society and Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

A marathon is a distance of 42.2 kilometres.

Despite running from Qualicum Beach to Nanaimo that day, her bones and joints were no worse for the wear.

“I’ve had some blisters over the last couple of days, just with the heat they pop up pretty easily, but other than that, things are feeling good,” said Janzen.

Her father received his diagnosis 12 years ago and her 24-year-old friend last year and the marathons are a way to encourage two people she cares for deeply.

“It’s been a journey watching [my dad] learn to cope with MS and learning how to manage the symptoms that he has … just watching [my friend] come to terms with the disease and learn how to cope with it and the different challenges that she’s overcome was my inspiration for doing this and raising money and awareness for these causes to help them get the support that they need,” Janzen said.

People can donate to the two charitable organizations or cover the cost of the event and while she is planning to run in the Victoria Marathon in October, she will take some time off after the final tour stop in Victoria on Saturday.

For more information, or to donate, please visit