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Man arrested in Nanaimo after slashing victim with razor in ‘unprovoked assault’

Suspect also allegedly fought and spat at police during arrest at Nanaimo shopping mall
Suspect in Nanaimo facing multiple charges for ‘unprovoked assault’ at shopping mall. (News Bulletin file photo)

A 32-year man has been arrested in Nanaimo for what police say was an “unprovoked attack” with a razor.

According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, the alleged assault happened Tuesday, Dec. 20, at Country Club Centre. Just after 6:30 p.m., police responded to a report that a security officer and another person were attempting to restrain an individual who had, allegedly, punched a man in the face and slashed him across the face with a razor, said the press release.

Officers arrived within minutes of the report and arrested the suspect for assault with a weapon. During the arrest, a struggle ensued and the suspect allegedly spat in the face of one officer and kicked at others, the release noted.

The victim elected not to go to the Nanaimo hospital to be treated for his injury, which consisted of a shallow cut across the left side of his face. He told police that he does not know who the suspect is and, prior to the assault, did not have any interaction with him.

“Police spoke with several witnesses who indicated that prior to the assault, the suspect appeared to be acting strange and that his behaviour was causing concern for other patrons,” noted the release.

The suspect remains in custody and faces charges of assault with a weapon, two counts of assaulting a police officer and breach of probation. He was expected to appear in provincial court in Nanaimo on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

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