Liberal MLA takes on new role

Cantelon takes on new role as parliamentary secretary for seniors.

Liberal MLA Ron Cantelon is eager to discover what issues are hot topics for seniors in B.C. as he takes on a new role as parliamentary secretary for seniors.

He was appointed to the position recently when Premier Christy Clark shuffled cabinet prior to the legislature reopening.

The Parksville-Qualicum representative said he plans on consulting with seniors to learn about the issues and how to make life better for seniors.

“I am open to suggestions and want to hear their concerns,” he said.

The appointment wasn’t a surprise, because he has spoken to the premier about his interest in seniors issues before, said Cantelon.

Baby boomers are a predominant force and as they age the pendulum of politics is swinging to seniors, he said, adding that Parksville-Qualicum has the largest segment of seniors per capita than any other region in B.C.

Cantelon said he’ll be briefed about the issues in the coming weeks, but from speaking to his constituents, knows health, pension plans and housing are important issues.

Cantelon said he’s supported the creation of the Oceanside health-care centre since its conception because knows easy access to care is important to residents.

He wants to see reviews on pension plan management, as well as strata regulations, because many seniors living in strata complexes are seeking more protection within the rules.

Other cabinet changes include: replacing Harry Bloy with Stephanie Cadieux as the social development minister; appointing Gordon Hoggv as parliamentary secretary for non-profit partnerships; appointing Donna Barnett as secretary for rural communities; and Richard Lee as secretary for Asia Pacific.