Larsen brings leadership bid to Nanaimo

Longshot for NDP top job visits city

Aleksandr Atkinson

Aleksandr Atkinson

Dana Larsen, B.C. NDP Party leadership candidate, makes no bones about his views on drug decriminalization, health care, education, energy and the environment, and the myriad of other issues that influence daily life and politics in British Columbia.

Larsen held an answer session at Rasta Troll, Discount Pipe Outlet, in Nanaimo Tuesday. About a dozen people attended with questions ranging from decriminalizing drugs to education.

Larsen is the director and manager of the Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Society. He was a founding member and former leader of the B.C. Marijuana Party. He joined the NDP in 2003 and founded the group End Prohibition, New Democrats Against the Drug War.

Larsen said the war on drugs that has waged across North and South America has failed, as evidenced by the increasing violence between Mexico’s drug cartels, police and military and overcrowded prisons.

Larsen said legally farmed marijuana could contribute an estimated $1.4 billion annually to B.C.’s economy in tax revenue and criminal justice system costs and wants  the province to take over the medical marijuana program.

Larsen said he believes his views resonate well with the majority of NDP members.

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