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Lantzville water delegation met with silence from Nanaimo city council

NANAIMO – Lantzville presented possible changes to water agreement to Nanaimo council Monday.

Lantzville will move ahead with the current water deal if it has to, but Mayor Colin Haime said with proposed changes the agreement can “be better” for both communities.

Haime pitched changes to Nanaimo-Lantzville water agreement during a Nanaimo city council meeting Monday.

The district is looking for several changes to the deal, inked in 2014, such as its involvement in any discussion about providing the Nanoose First Nation an emergency or regular water supply, the change of a phrase from ‘capital costs’ to ‘a surcharge’ as to not trigger a possible referendum, and allowing 50 new development connections to go to any resident in Lantzville’s ‘upper zone.’

Haime said Lantzville wants to remain a community similar to what it is now so the “pressure to do development,” which exists as a result of a section of the agreement, isn’t something the current council finds desirable.

The proposed change will allow for an effective and efficient implementation of the system. He also said changes in wording around the capital charge will provide assurance on the ability of Lantzville to assist Nanaimo with infrastructure.

Nanaimo city councillors were silent on the issue during the meeting Monday and Coun. Jim Kipp opposed receiving the presentation. City council has previously extended an offer to negotiate with the District of Lantzville council to council.

Residents Tim McGrath and Robert Fuller, however, did have questions and comments, including about the district’s request for proposal for a consultant to do a water master plan, which will look at current water infrastructure and residents’ needs and wants for water.

It’s not known when the two councils will meet to discuss the water deal.