Lantzville seeks answers from Island Corridor Foundation

NANAIMO – Lantzville ouncillors decline to appoint a council member to newly established committee.

The District of Lantzville is asking for clarification about a potential committee the Island Corridor Foundation is hoping to establish. Earlier this month, the Island Corridor Foundation sent a letter to the District of Lantzville asking the councillors to appoint a member of council to a newly formed Local Government Liaison Committee, which would meet twice a year. However, the letter only seemed to raise more questions from Lantzville councillors. During last night’s council meeting, councillors approved a motion that instructs staff to ask the corridor foundation for additional information on the committee, including what role the appointed liaison would play on the committee. The motion also instructed district staff to ask the foundation about the “highly regulated environment” that they operate within as well as how rates and fees are set. Coun. Dot Neary said she couldn’t appoint any member of council to a committee that was vaguely defined.

“I fail to really grasp what the purpose of this really is and what the utility of this is … I am reluctant to support any committee that really doesn’t seem clear to people,” Neary said.Coun. Will Geselbracht, who made the motion seeking more clarification, said he would prefer to see the 234 kilometres of railway scraped entirely.”I am only in favor of tearing the rails and putting a bike path up the Island for everybody to use,” Geselbracht said.Councillors did not appoint a member of council to the committee.