Lantzville volunteers will be picking up food donations this weekend.

Lantzville volunteers will be picking up food donations this weekend.

Lantzville family collects donations for annual community food drive

NANAIMO - Sixth Annual Lantzville Food Drive takes place on Saturday (Dec. 10).

A group of residents in Lantzville will be driving around town for a good cause this weekend.

Emmanuel Lint, along with his family and a number of volunteers, will be collecting food donations on Saturday (Dec. 10) between 9-10 a.m. as part of the sixth annual Lantzville Food Drive.

Lantzville residents are encouraged to leave donations of non-perishable food, feminine hygiene products and baby food in a bag either at the end of their driveway or in a visible place. The donations will then be picked up, sorted at a warehouse and distributed in hampers by Lantzville firefighters to those in need.

“If we can see the donation we can pick it up. We don’t want to bug people. We’re not ringing doors and we’re not going to bug people during their weekend,” said Lint, organizer of the food drive.

All hampers are delivered to Lantzville residents in need according to Lint, who said his group tends to get lots of soup and pasta and could use items such as peanut butter and cereal.

“Those items are a bit more pricey than just a can of tomato soup or a bag of pasta,” he said. “The nicer items are always appreciated but we will take anything.”

The Lantzville Food Drive traces its roots back to 2010; however, Lint and his family began collecting food from residents within their lower Lantzville neighbourhood a few years earlier.

Lint said after six years, the co-ordination has become much easier and that they’re never short on volunteers to help with collection. He said he’s unsure about the amount of food collected each year because they’ve never weighed it, but instead used a long table at the fire hall for measurement.

“The first year we filled up six tables, versus last year when we filled up 13 tables,” he said. “I’ve always wished we could weigh it.”

Individuals are also able to drop off bags of donations in advance of the food drive to 7212 Tremblay Rd.

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