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Ladysmith’s Holland Creek Trail expected to re-open by early summer

Construction delays due to inconsistencies in bedrock, says developer
Holland Creek trail is set to re-open at the end of June and construction is expected to be finished in August. (Duck Paterson photo)

The Holland Creek Trail is expected to re-open at the start of the summer after construction delays caused the project to be three months behind schedule.

The developer, Lamont Land Inc., has been building a crossing over Holland Creek off Colonia Drive to reach private land up the Arbutus Hump.

According to Scott Lamont, spokesperson for Lamont Land, the developer encountered two major setbacks that slowed down construction.

“We had to do all the clearing and grubbing and clear all the overburden off of the bedrock that the foundation would sit on. What we found is that the bedrock actually fell off. It wasn’t consistent through the bank like we contemplated, so at that time we had to basically stop and re-design our footings,” said Lamont. “That design took about four or five months to get done. And then it added another three or four months on top of that for the construction on our schedule. Each pile had to be drilled and inspected and basically you find out where your bedrock is … so there was a huge time issue with that.”

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Another significant issue the developer encountered was a fibre-optic line in the way of where footing was supposed to be built, which caused a delay to “assess and come up with another design.”

The development started in 2021 with expectations it would be finished in 2022; however, construction was halted multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, weather and supply chain issues.

“As much as everyone wants us to just hurry up, it just doesn’t work that way because of how this thing has to be constructed,” said Lamont.

In May 2022, the town estimated the project would be finished in January 2023; however, the town announced this week that the trail will re-open on June 30 and the contractor will continue upper utility installation and final inspections into mid-August.

Mayor Aaron Stone, in a news release, thanked community members and visitors for their patience and understanding during the closure of the trail system.

“We can now collectively share in the excitement as the completion of the project and full re-opening of the Holland Creek loop draws closer in time for summer,” he said.

The town plans to give a notice to residents who live in the area that construction will take place on the weekends to speed up the process.

Lamont said the new due date is “feasible” to be able to open the trail by Canada Day.

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