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Island 3 joins BC Ferries’ fleet

Battery-equipped vessel will arrive to Ogden Point after two-month voyage from Romania
Island 3 as it left Romania earlier this year. (Photo courtesy BC Ferries)

Residents travelling between Campbell River and Quadra Island can look forward to the arrival of Island 3, BC Ferries’ newest Island Class ferry, at Ogden Point Thursday morning, July 22.

Island 3 first set sail independently from Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania on May 19, travelling at about 10,700 nautical miles. Once at Ogden Point, it will undergo final inspections and be endowed to BC Ferries before continuing on to Point Hope Maritime in the Upper Harbour later on Thursday.

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Island Class vessels come with batteries and hybrid technology in anticipation of an eventual transition to solely operating electronically. BC Ferries said in a statement that the newer design model reduces underwater noise levels and emissions and improves customer service.

Dock fits and crew familiarization are already complete for Island 3, with BC Ferries now leaning toward standardizing its Island Class model. Island 3 will run between Campbell River and Quadra Island starting in 2022, as will BC Ferries’ next Island Class vessel, Island 4. Both ferries will be renamed later this summer.

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