Hotel doesn’t have permit yet

The SSS Manhao conference centre hotel has not filed the necessary paperwork to get a building permit.

SSS Manhao does not have a building permit for its multimillion dollar conference centre hotel, two months after announcing the start of its construction phase.

SSS Manhao International Tourism Group has not yet filed the necessary paperwork to break ground on its 21-storey hotel project, which was expected to get underway this October.

According to Tom Weinreich, the City of Nanaimo’s manager of building inspections, the municipality could issue the permit within two minutes of getting the required information, but has been waiting months for a final plan submission. The delay isn’t one on the city’s end, he said.

Joey Stevens, hotel project architect with GBL Architects, told the News Bulletin his company had anticipated construction this month, but is waiting for further direction from the owner, which has been doing an internal review of the project budget.

The permit application for the project expires after Dec. 17 when new building code requirements are also expected to kick in.