Home Hardware hands over keys to cars

Nanaimo Home Hardware store hands keys for cars to contest winners.

Niel Gertsma

Niel Gertsma

Home Hardware turned over the keys for two 2012 Toyota Matrixes Wednesday.

The store at Applecross Road was one of three outlets across Canada that gave away six cars.

Winners of the Home Owners Helping Home Towns Community and Charity Contest, which ran through the summer, get a car for themselves and a one to give to their favourite charity.

Barb Jordan of Nanaimo handed one set of keys over to Maeve O’Byrne, Nanaimo District Hospital Foundation president.

“I went through a breast cancer operation and when I moved over here, I went to the hospital for my chemotherapy,” Jordan said. “They treated me so wonderfully there. The girls were just beautiful there – really kind, empathetic and cheerful, always cheerful.”

Jordan said the biggest prize she won prior to the car was $10 in the lottery.

Neil Gertsma, Home Hardware dealer/owner, said two cars is the biggest prize he has ever given away.

“We run these contests nationally from time to time and it’s just a super bonus for it to be awarded locally,” Gertsma said. “It always seems like it’s in Ontario, like the lottery, but it’s great that it’s here, that we have a winner here and have the Nanaimo District Hospital Foundation win too.”

David Beck, Toyota Pacific zone area sales manager, said each of the cars is valued at about $22,000.

O’Byrne said the foundation will arrange with Toyota to sell the car for its cash value and use the money to support the cancer clinic at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.