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ELECTION 2022: Nanaimo mayoral candidate questionnaires

Four people are running for mayor of the City of Nanaimo
Tasha Brown, top left, Brunie Brunie, Leonard Krog and Agnes Provost are running for mayor of the City of Nanaimo.


Age 49 - I am a school teacher whose life and varied work experiences have enabled me to become a confident individual who will speak the truth, work effectively and efficiently. I do what is required and necessary to succeed. I cannot complain about the state of our city if I take no action for change. I do believe it’s time to use the power of community to propel positive change.

What will be your priorities if you are elected? The fact is, it is going to take a united community to overcome many of the issues that we face. COVID has isolated and, in ways, has fractured us. The underlying theme of my campaign is ‘Bringing Back Community’ and I truly believe that having a mayor who is visible, accessible and takes a boots-to-the-ground approach is what Nanaimo needs. Of course, safety is a top priority within the city, but it also intertwines with the social issues we face. Not only would I be pressuring the justice and health-care systems for financial support, but I will also be taking an active and supporting role in bringing change while we wait for finances or changes from those above mentioned systems. By active and supporting role I mean:

Host fundraising events for support for auxiliary police/community policing, shelter, mental health facilities, neighbourhood associations, existing organizations helping the homeless.

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending? I propose a freeze on property tax increases for a minimum of one year to provide some breathing room for businesses and residents facing ever increasing costs of surviving. I would also like to do a full review on all expense accounts allotted for city employees, and review high-cost city beautification projects.

Why should people vote for you? Vote for a positive presence in the community. One who unites. Tenacity. Hope.


Age 80 - Independent elder dedicated to steering Nanaimo into a gleaner greener happier direction. I have years of real estate experience and am proficient in basic law.

What will be your priorities, if you are elected? Priority No. 1 is food security via greenhouses on every housing development instead of money to the city in lieu of parkland the residents never see. High-tech greenhouses in every neighbourhood for local organic healthy food on your table. Campsites for our poor homeless citizens so they don’t have to sleep in downtown corners

Why should people vote for you? I am a person of action. My mayoral office will be open for your ideas and participation.


Mayor of Nanaimo. I was born in the old Nanaimo hospital but raised in Coombs and have lived in Nanaimo continuously since 1979. I was called to the bar as a lawyer in 1980 and served a total of 18 years as MLA.

What will be your priorities if you are elected? I want to see real progress from senior governments on dealing with addictions/mental health issues that are affecting residents’ confidence about public safety; improving municipal services to ensure that investors get the quickest possible responses to development plans; working with other government agencies that are important to the city’s growth and welfare (eg. port, airport, VIHA, VIU to help ensure their continued growth and success).

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending? I will continue to urge council to work with city staff to develop budgets that serve to maintain and improve city facilities, services and infrastructure to address the growing requirements of one of Canada’s fastest-growing small cities. It is important to recognize that the mandate of a municipal government is not all-encompassing, and that municipal taxes must fund the responsibilities it must discharge.

Why should people vote for you? I believe that I bring to the table the most, and most relevant, experience for the position. I have proven my determination to re-establish good governance. I understand the challenges and opportunities that our city faces better than any other candidate on the ballot.


Age 35 - Protection Island Neighbourhood Association board member, Mud Bay board member, social work school, metal apprentice work, administrative, renovations assistant and now owner of local business Dabblingwithdenny.

What will be your priorities if you are elected? Safety and wellness.

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending? Holding accountability of spending by audits.

Why should people vote for you? I dare to care.

ELECTION 2022: Nanaimo city council candidate questionnaires

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