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Controversial urban farming bylaw considered for third reading

Lantzville Council holding special meeting Thursday on urban agriculture bylaws.

Lantzville council meets Thursday (Oct. 27) to determine if they’ll adopt the controversial urban farming bylaws.

Council will deliberate on the bylaws’ fate during a special council meeting, starting at 7 p.m. at the District of Lantzville office, located at 7192 Lantzville Rd.

Council will consider if it will go to the third reading and final adoption of the zoning bylaws.

Opponents say more time is needed to discuss the issue and the bylaw doesn’t serve the needs of the community. About 100 people attended the public hearing Tuesday at Costin Hall to comment on the issue.

Lantzville resident Marjorie Stewart said the formation of the bylaws was done too quickly.

She also disagrees with how residential zoning is being examined. She said the agricultural land reserve was put aside to guarantee the protection of the most fertile land, but that doesn’t mean farming can’t be done or isn’t permitted on residentially zoned land.

“The disagreement is about the kind of diversity we want in Lantzville,” said Stewart.

Andrew Mostad, who was on the committee tasked with making recommendations on the urban agriculture bylaws, said the proposals are too restrictive to address the needs of Lantzville.

He said more time and more public consultation is needed.

“Ideally, I’d like to see the bylaw scrapped entirely,” said Mostad.

Coun. Warren Griffey, who was also on the urban farming recommendation committee, said he couldn’t comment on the bylaw because the public hearing process was closed and the issue was going before council for a vote.

Mayor Colin Haime could not be reached before press time.

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