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Best & Brightest: Victoria Reynolds, Aspengrove

NANAIMO – Victoria Reynolds is interested in genetic engineering but plans to keep an open mind about a future career path
Victoria Reynolds earned the Duke of Edinburgh Award

When it comes to carving out a future, figure skater Victoria Reynolds is keeping an open mind.

The 18-year-old Aspengrove graduate is heading to Vancouver Island University this fall, with plans to explore genetic engineering.

But don’t expect this student to lock herself into any career path yet.

If there is one thing this athlete has learned in the rink, it’s the importance of being open to possibilities.

Reynolds discovered figure skating three years ago through a Nanaimo parks and recreation program.

She was the oldest person in the group and had more fear and reservations about hitting the ice than any of the other aspiring skaters. If that wasn’t enough, most skaters her age outside the recreation program were much faster and skilled than she was, Reynolds said.

“It’s difficult starting out when you are older and watching a lot of the people your age being miles ahead of where you are,” she said.

But with an open mind, discipline and determination, Reynolds opted to persevere in the sport. Any time she sees someone her age in the rink, it pushes her to be at a higher level, she said.

Reynolds plans to apply the same outlook on possibilities and hard work in her post-secondary school studies.

“At the moment I am interested in genetics, but who knows if I will find something else I will enjoy?” she asked, adding she hopes to get her bachelor of science. “At the moment I am keeping everything open.”

Reynolds, who plans to continue figure skating, is also no stranger to juggling academics with extra-curricular activities.

The teen has been committed to the Duke of Edinburgh program since she was 14 years old, earning bronze, silver and gold through volunteer work, outdoor adventures and community projects. She received her award from Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in May. She has also played volleyball, performed in school theatre and participated in Nanaimo’s leaders-in-training program.

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