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Beach access improved at Departure Bay in Nanaimo

Mobi-Mat set up near Kin Hut for the rest of summer
City of Nanaimo workers have installed a Mobi-Mat at the Departure Bay beach, intended to improve access. (Submitted photo)

Wheelchair users can make it down to the seashore at Departure Bay Beach in Nanaimo.

The City of Nanaimo advised in a press release that workers have installed a Mobi-Mat near Kin Hut. It offers a non-slip walkway assisting those using wheelchairs, pushing strollers or pullling wagons to have easier access to the beach, although assistance may be needed due to the slope and uneven ground under the mat.

Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog said installation of the mat shows the city’s commitment to being an inclusive community.

“Installation of the Mobi-Mat at Departure Bay Beach is another example of how the City of Nanaimo is working to make accessibility improvements,” he said in the press release. “It is helpful for those in wheelchairs, those with strollers or those with wagons or kayak trailers, and I am sure it will be well used by many members of our community.”

The mat will remain at the beach for the rest of the summer and if beach-goers find it useful, the city could buy and install other mats at parks in the future, the press release said.

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