Water will continue to dominate issues in Lantzville in 2017.

Water will continue to dominate issues in Lantzville in 2017.

2016 Year in Review: Water continues to be top issue for Lantzville residents

NANAIMO – District of Lantzville heading in multiple directions when it comes to water.

Water, or lack of water within the District of Lantzville, has caused a significant amount of debate among councillors and residents for years.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the happenings of Lantzville that water will continue to be a major source of debate among councillors next year.

This year, Lantzville councillors made some significant decisions regarding the future of water within the community. Although the district does have a water-supply agreement with the City of Nanaimo, the $1.3-million agreement has yet to be triggered by Lantzville.

Earlier this year, Lantzville councillors approved amending changes to the Nanaimo-Lantzville water agreement, which was signed between the two municipalities back in 2014.

However, Lantzville’s amendment request still needs to be approved by City of Nanaimo council, which hasn’t happened. The district is still awaiting a decision from Nanaimo and no time frame exists on when that could come.

Councillors and district staff also began developing a water master plan for the municipality earlier this year. District staff, along with Lanarc Consultants, launched multi-phased public hearing sessions in an effort to develop a clear understanding of what the community wants with respect to water. Additional public hearing sessions as well as other various consultation sessions will continue until the fall.

Perhaps the biggest decision by councillors, was approving the construction of an $800,000 water pipeline to the border of Nanaimo.

Despite asking Nanaimo councillors to amend portions of its water agreement, Lantzville councillors felt it was time to get the shovels out and put the pipe in the ground.

The move puts Lantzville one step closer to getting water from Nanaimo. Construction on the pipeline has yet to begin, but is expected to start next year. Once completed, all Lantzville councillors will have to do is turn the taps on to trigger the water agreement.