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Nanaimo pharmacy prioritizes customers care and savings

When good service meets fair prices, you’ve found yourself at Tablet Pharmacy
Since 2019, the Tablet Pharmacy team has worked hard to provide Nanaimo residents a space where they can afford medical prescriptions commonly expensive at other pharmacies.

In a time where large corporate chains dominate the pharmacy landscape, Vancouver Island’s Tablet Pharmacy stands out with a mission to prioritize patient care over sales targets.

By avoiding the traditional franchise model, Tablet Pharmacy skips costly franchise fees and royalties, allowing them to pass on savings directly to their customers. This dedication to affordability ensures that patients can access the medications they need without breaking the bank.

Embracing the charm of a boutique pharmacy model, Tablet Pharmacy prioritizes building meaningful relationships with their patients. From the moment you step into their welcoming lounge, complete with a large TV playing Mr. Bean episodes, you’ll feel valued and cared for.

As part of Tablet Pharmacy’s patient care strategy, pharmacists provide their patients with the best treatment options, answer clinical questions and ensure that they understand their medications fully.

“We make personalized care more approachable,” says Aki Shah, Tablet Pharmacy co-owner. The big box stores lack the touch of an old school pharmacy, where the Pharmacist knows the patient and patient knows the pharmacist. Where customer care is not a department but an engrained attitude. We feel grateful when a customer chooses us, and we strive to brighten their day, especially in providing patient care.. We keep our dispensing fees low and prices fair, to ensure that personalized care stays accessible.

Aki suggests people looking for prescriptions can use Tablet Pharmacy’s transparent pricing tool to get an idea about their prices.. The search encourages customers to see for themselves how much money they can save on their next prescription.

Operating with their community in mind, the accolades follow. In recent years, residents of Parksville have paid attention to the efforts made by the Tablet Pharmacy team. In 2019, they were recognized as the Best Small Business by the Chamber of Commerce in Parksville, followed by a Service Excellence Award in 2022.

In a time where healthcare can often feel transactional, Tablet Pharmacy shows that there is still personalized care and genuine compassion .

For those seeking a pharmacy experience that prioritizes their well-being above all else, Tablet Pharmacy offers the best of both worlds.

For service in Nanaimo, the Tablet Pharmacy team can be contacted by phone at 250-933-0093 or by email . They are located in North Nanaimo on 6373 Hammond Bay Road, right across woodgrove mall, in the Brick Mall, between the Popeyes Chicken and Barburrito.