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Nanaimo has a lot of hearing clinics. How do you choose the best one?

What’s your favourite colour? The answer might help you find the best hearing clinic for your needs
Shelagh Merrill (left), co-owns Nanaimo Hearing Clinic in Nanaimo with her husband Hanan. When you pay for hearing aids, about half of what you pay for is the work the person does to make those hearing aids sing for you. © 2022 HA Photography

After months of frustration over missed conversations (or maybe months of nagging from your spouse) you’ve finally accepted that it’s time for hearing aids. Congratulations! You’ve made a difficult decision that will have a positive impact on your life. Unfortunately, it’s the first of many tricky decisions you’ll have to make on the road to better hearing.

There are a lot of hearing clinics in Nanaimo — over 10 at last count — and many of those clinics have an overwhelming number of hearing aid brands and styles to choose from. How will you choose?

“You can research a clinic’s credentials, their prices, or their reviews, but I recommend asking a personal question instead: what’s your favourite colour?” says Hanan Merrill, a hearing practitioner and owner of Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. “Now that’s a bit of a joke, but there’s a grain of truth to that question. It’s important to go to a hearing specialist you connect with, so finding out their favourite colour isn’t a bad idea!”

When you pay for hearing aids, about half of what you pay for is the work the person does to make those hearing aids sing for you. That takes time. That’s why it makes sense to choose someone you trust, a good listener who’s easy to talk to, and yes, maybe even likes the same colour as you.

Better hearing takes time

If a comfortable fit and excellent audio quality is your top priority, it’s worth finding a specialist who has time and commitment to fine tune your needs.

“For all our clients, the first step is getting to know you. We’ll perform a thorough hearing test, and also learn about your lifestyle, needs and expectations,” Hanan says. “There is no ‘best’ hearing aid, just the one that’s best for you, based on your needs.”

At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, Hanan often visits patients two to five times to make sure they have the right fit. Clients can take more than one kind of hearing aid home to see which one suits them best, and then return to the clinic for fine tuning. Getting the right sound depends on how your ears process audio, and also what you’re hoping to hear.

“We also use a special rehabilitation program to help you adapt to hearing a wider range of sounds. It includes communication strategies that dramatically improve your hearing aid experience in many different situations.”

Starting to understand why it helps to have a hearing specialist you trust? You’ll be spending a lot of time together! Even after you get the right fit, you’ll likely return to the clinic for adjustments and servicing.

“Maintenance checks ensure hearing aids are still working their best. We also offer further adjustments, because it’s common to have changing needs as you adapt to wearing hearing aids,” Hanan says.

Ready to learn more? To make an appointment at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, call 250-585-4100 or get in touch online at Find the clinic at 501-5800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza.