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Hearing success stories: How a local clinic transforms communication

A Nanaimo musician, a senior aiming to prevent dementia, and others find clarity at this clinic
Call 250-585-4100 or get in touch online at to make an appointment at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic today. Find the clinic at 501-5800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza. © 2022 HA Photography

Nanaimo performer Sirreal was in low spirits. He couldn’t hear, and was booked to perform a show the next day. Thankfully, a visit to Nanaimo Hearing Clinic turned everything around.

“This clinic is second-to-none and the expertise and amazing service was impeccable. I left the clinic with an entirely different frame of mind, and went and crushed the show in front of 2000 people!”

While not all of Hanan and Shelagh Merrill’s clients at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic are hiphop artists, the positive result Sirreal experienced is not uncommon.

Anja is a long-term hearing aid user, and visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic after her regular clinician moved away.

“I’m very glad I did, and have already recommended Nanaimo Hearing Clinic to a friend. I’m very happy with my new hearing aids.”

Coming to terms with hearing loss

Whether you’re young or old, accepting that you need hearing aids can be difficult. Most of us accept glasses without too much resistance, and while hearing aids are similar, sometimes it takes some gentle guidance to realize how useful they can be.

“The staff at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic were beyond patient while I was coming to terms with having two hearing aids. They allowed me time to get used to them for several weeks while on trial. The ability to communicate effectively with the rest of the world is a gift that technology brought, with compassionate skill to employ,” Khandro says.

Nanaimo Hearing Clinic offers free trials, so clients have time to get used to their hearing aids in different scenarios before making their purchase. It’s something Lara appreciated as well.

“As I have never worn aids before, I really appreciated the time to get used to them before making my purchase. You will not feel rushed during your appointments nor will you experience any high pressured sales tactics common at the other chain locations. Hanan was kind and patient and committed to finding the hearing aid that would provide me with the best hearing possible.”

Lara had a bad experience at a chain hearing store, and was happy to find better service with an independent hearing aid clinic. Janet reported a similar experience — she had a bad experience having earwax removed at a different clinic, but says that the procedure was easy and comfortable at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, and she was grateful to have the steps of the procedure explained clearly ahead of time.

Improving communication, and fighting dementia

After friends let Liz know that she was frequently asking them to repeat what they’d said, she decided to get her hearing checked.

“I’m also very interested in doing all I can to prevent dementia, since hearing loss is associated with dementia,” she says.

So she visited Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, where her partner has been going for years.

“Hanan was very thorough in his testing and explanations. He told me about the changes I could expect when first using the hearing aids so it was easier to adapt to them. Because of the help I received, my transition to using hearing aids has been smooth.”

To make an appointment at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, call 250-585-4100 or get in touch online at Find the clinic at 501-5800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza.