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Hearing clinic rings in the new year with exciting expansion

Renovations, additional staff mean faster care for clients in Nanaimo
From left, Hanan Merrill, Shelagh Merrill, Renae Barr and Rhian from Nanaimo Hearing Clinic.

For the first time in 12 years, Hanan and Shelagh Merrill temporarily closed their business, Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, between Christmas and New Year’s. But that doesn’t mean they took a break. They completely remodelled their office space to better accommodate their growing business!

Their clinic now boasts a brand new lab with a lot more space to adjust and repair hearing aids, plus reapportioned office space to accommodate the other exciting addition: a new staff member.

“It’s so nice to have the increased help from our new audiometric technician, Renae Barr! It’s allowed Shelagh and I to see more clients, which means shorter wait times and better access to care for all of our clients in Nanaimo and the surrounding area,” Hanan says.

As an audiometric technician, Renae is able to troubleshoot hearing aid issues, offer counselling to new hearing aid users who are adjusting to the technology, and even conduct mobile community support at the homes of clients who are unable to travel.

Longtime clients of Nanaimo Hearing Clinic may remember Renae, who has actually worked at the clinic twice before. When the clinic first opened 12 years ago, she worked part-time helping to set up the office. Then when Shelagh retrained as a hearing practitioner and vacated her front desk role, Renae stepped in again to aid the transition.

“Renae was key to that transition, and now we’re delighted to have her back on the Island and in our clinic. She’s been an important part of every stage of our growth,” Hanan says.

Rounding out the top notch team at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic is Rhian, who has helmed the front desk for many years now with her signature spirit and enthusiasm.

“Patients love her. She’s super friendly and accommodating, and makes everyone feel welcome,” Hanan says. “We’re really glad to have the team we have now, and look forward to continuing to serve our current and new patients.”

Want to learn more about hearing health, and see the new office space? Find Nanaimo Hearing Clinic at 501-5800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza. To make an appointment call 250-585-4100 or get in touch online at