Visit Hanan Merrill at the Nanaimo Hearing Clinic at 501-800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza.

Visit Hanan Merrill at the Nanaimo Hearing Clinic at 501-800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza.

3 ways to fix hearing aids when they seem ‘useless’

Investing in expensive hearing aids doesn’t guarantee they’ll work — get advice from a pro!

Hanan Merrill, a hearing practitioner and owner of Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, says it’s fairly common for people to feel frustrated with their hearing aids.

“When you spend thousands of dollars on a piece of technology, you expect it to work. When hearing aids have poor sound, screeching feedback or feel uncomfortable, it makes sense to think they’re useless. But you don’t have to throw them out or give up.”

Hanan says hearing aids aren’t like other technology that you can choose based on look, feel or price. If you buy a new TV, all you have to do is take it home and plug it in and — poof — it will work just like it did in the store. Hearing aids require specialized fitting, time for adjustment, and their function is not universal — the “best” hearing aid is different for everyone.

Poor fit

“When hearing aids don’t fit properly, it can make someone feel like saying, ‘These hearing aids are pointless!’” Hanan says.

Some examples of poor fit include:

  • The wrong tips for your ear
  • Improperly tuned
  • Pain or pinching
  • A poor seal that keeps in too much sound, or lets too much sound out, causing squeals and squeaks

Poor use

“You’d be surprised how many people — even among people who’ve been using hearing aids for a long time — are doing a few key things wrong! It makes the whole experience feel like a waste,” Hanan says.

Visit a hearing specialist for advice on proper hearing aid use.

Poor expectations

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but hearing aids can’t fix everything. They are marvellous devices that make a huge difference for many people, improving their quality of life dramatically. But the raw truth remains: they don’t fix the ear.

“They can only help the hearing you currently have,” Hanan says. “Having proper expectations about what they can and can’t do for you, and learning strategies to use around your hearing aids to get the most out of them, is also critical to your success.”

Better hearing in Nanaimo

“I really enjoy the opportunity to help people, when they come in frustrated and don’t know what’s wrong. It’s often a really simple fix!”

Hanan offers free performance reviews of hearing aids at the Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. Book an appointment by calling 250-585-4100 or at Find Nanaimo Hearing Clinic at 501-800 Turner Rd in Cactus Club Plaza.

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