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Hockey fever helps a community


Unless you’ve been out of the country – say on the moon – you know we’ve all gone a bit Vancouver Canucks crazy.

The games are broadcast on the big screen in downtown Nanaimo and on pretty much every other screen in town for that matter. People are flying flags and sporting team colours. It’s all very exciting, even for the most reluctant of fans.

As great as it would be to win the Stanley Cup, I think we’ve already won in a way.

This feeling of support behind the Canucks is electric. My ‘cup run’ hope is that we all remember what it feels like to be rooting collectively for a cause.

We were lucky enough to enjoy this feeling not so long ago during the Olympics when we stood behind our athletes and boy, did they deliver. Positive energy, especially in a collective form, is an amazing force.

It’s a good reminder that believing in and celebrating each other’s achievements, in whatever area, is essential in creating a healthy community.

The mission of the parks, recreation and culture department is to enhance the life and leisure of our residents and this sense of community spirit is the fuel for such a lofty mission.

As a department, we host events that celebrate cultural and sporting achievements and we encourage residents to try new activities and endeavors through our courses. We are constantly introducing people of all ages to sports, arts and other interests.

We don’t offer community recreation programs with the goal of creating Olympians, Stanley Cup champions or world-renowned artists, but to share with them a little bit of that magic that comes along with exploring new things and perfecting the skills they have. Although, some of those Boots to Blades skaters are pretty steady on their feet already.

If you are interested in registering for a parks, recreation and culture program, please pick up a copy of the latest activity guide or go online at

If you are experiencing some financial challenges, ask about our LEAP program which will help you access our programs.

For those of you looking to catch some of that Canucks fever, head downtown Monday (June 13) to the Diana Krall Plaza to watch the next game on the big screen.

Hannah King is a marketing and communication specialist with Nanaimo parks, recreation and culture.