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Diet a vital component of any exercise routine

If you work out often, are training for an event or are just starting a new fitness routine, it’s important to not overlook the role of diet.

Proper nutrition is an important factor in maximizing the benefits of any exercise program, as well as improving overall health.

Eating is essential both before and after a workout. But what to consume and when to do it makes all the difference.

Pre–workout consumption – Have something to eat 30 to 60 minutes before exercising, such as a piece of fruit or protein bar.

Carbohydrates are needed to replenish energy and restore muscle glycogen levels which the body uses for energy.

Low glycogen can affect endurance, causing people to tire more easily during a workout, so be sure to include complex carbohydrates in your daily meals, such as whole grain breads, pastas and oatmeal.

Post–workout consumption – After exercising, consume a post–workout snack within 30 minutes. This is the optimal time frame for restoring glycogen.

Chocolate milk is an ideal post–workout beverage that is effective at replenishing fluids and boosting electrolytes. It is a source of high quality protein, which is vital for muscle repair.

Muscles need to be replenished within an hour of a workout for optimal recovery.

Consistent and proper nutrition before and after a workout is critical to success.

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