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Department’s role vital to community

By Hannah King

The City of Nanaimo parks, recreation and culture department recently submitted an application for an award for program excellence given out by the British Columbia Recreation Professional Association.

The nominated program – Learning to Exercise Again – was highlighted in this column in February. It  was developed in partnership with the Vancouver Island Health Authority and has proved very successful.

Awards like this are not something many of us in the field of community recreation get into the profession for. We get satisfaction from simpler things; watching a neighbourhood build a playground, seeing community members enjoying an event or programming a course that is so popular people are willing to go on waitlists to join.

The purpose of this monthly feature page is to highlight what it is the department is up to. Each month we feature a client, instructor or volunteer that is helping us achieve our mission of improving the lives and leisure of Nanaimo residents.

We’ve been running this feature page for almost three years now and have barely scratched the surface of the programs, events and services offered.

There has been a lot of talk lately about essential services. The role the parks, recreation and culture department plays in the overall wellness of our community is essential.

Whether referring to services we offer directly or through the various partnerships we have formed, the services, and quality of those services offered, helps shape our community.

As a department, we believe that the wellness of a community does not lie solely with the health-care providers, but with the community as a whole. The benefits for individual participants and the community are immeasurable.

With that in mind, we welcome ideas, questions and thoughts. You can contact us via e-mail at or by calling 250-756-5200. Please visit us online at or

Hannah King is a marketing and communication specialist with Nanaimo parks, recreation and culture.



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